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King Arthur has managed to maintain peace in his kingdom for many years. Unfortunately, evil never rests, lurks in the dark waiting for its chance. The sacred sword Excalibur has been stolen from Camelot and is found in the Black Castle.

Join King Arthur and his knights of the round table, draw a strategy and undertake this magnificent adventure touring the entire kingdom to reach the Black Castle.

You will face terrible undead warriors. You will fight against ferocious flying creatures. You will defeat the fearsome dark sorcerers of evil.

The path to the Black Castle is plagued with dangers and evil enemies. You will start in the Forest of Oblivion, where the undead hairless people live. You will reach the Infinite Swamp, full of diseases and cursed souls. You will pass through the Dark Cemetery, surrounded by death and stench. You will cross the Enchanted Desert, where the dunes sing evil and sad songs. Climb the Frozen Mountains, home of the most fearsome sorcerers and witches. Finally, you will enter the Black Castle and recover the precious and beautiful sword Excalibur, pride and balance of the kingdom.

The order is difficult, but do not despair, you are not alone, an army of knights, magicians and archers will accompany you on your trip. Even King Arthur himself, with his golden armor, will fight at your side to defeat the hordes of evil and recover the holy spade Excalibur and restore balance and peace in the kingdom.

Feel proud, you have been chosen to be a hero of good and fight evil together with the knights of the round table. Good luck, and be brave.

We would like to thank for their contribution:

Title: Big Reverb Warhorn
Author: Newagesoup

Title: Celtic Warrior
Author: Damiano Balconi

Title: Celtic Dream
Author: Damiano Balconi

Title: Bell (dsp9000)

Title: Metal Ping1
Author: Timgormly

Title: To War!
Author: Qubodup

Title: Magic
Author: RicherlandTV

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Author: Lostchocolatelab

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Author: Audione

Title: Arrow Whoosh
Author: SMCameron

Title: SFX Magic Fireball 001
Author: JoelAudio

Title: Magic Missiles
Author: Spookymodem

Title: Magic Wand
Author: Timbre

Title: Stone on Stone
Author: Thanvannispen

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Versión 2.0.0

5 new levels have been added: the dungeons of the Black Castle.
2 new enemies have been added: Zombies and Dragons.
A new magic power has been added to Mage Towers: Ice Missile.
Sound effects have been improved..

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