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"Meteoroids 3D" is a first-person game aboard a spaceship pad compatible with iOS 13, which can also be played in a third person view, and which takes us through a series of levels destroying ever-increasing amounts of meteors and enemies with different weapons. All this in a 3D environment in different scenarios. It's a tribute to "Asteroids", such fond memories for many of us. 

Where did the idea come from?

The history of video games is full of exciting titles, which made us have great and wonderful moments. One of those games was "Asteroids", a game where the physics of a ship allowed us to move through the void of space, while we destroyed a series of asteroids, which were getting smaller and smaller. From time to time a UFO would appear, which would give us some extra points. Many of us left a lot of coins in that game.

We wanted to pay tribute to that incredible game by means of a three dimensional game with the same idea, but with the current technology. New enemies, new scenarios with twenty-four levels(*), plus an infinite level. Plus a full configuration screen to customize the game, including the physics of the ship itself, to make it more arcade or realistic. Each level can be played between three and fifteen minutes(*).

The game also has different weapons, which are activated as the levels are passed. And another detail: each time a meteor is destroyed, a countdown begins, where the player must try to destroy as many meteors as possible. The cannons heat up, so be careful because they have to cool down to fire again. You get energy by destroying meteors, be careful to stay at zero. The shield will protect the ship and increase when destroying meteors.

Important: the game can be played with Xbox and PS4 controllers, if they are connected by Bluetooth. We recommend playing this way. In this case, the game's virtual controls disappear from the screen.

Finally, the game stores the data of each game, and has a map of surpassed levels for each scenario.

Finally, the game also allows you to store data in Gamecenter, the integrated record system, which will allow you to see the records in front of other friends. Ready to be the biggest meteor destroyer in history?

Meteoroids 3D is a simple and addictive fun game that aims to make the player have a fun time. Ready to destroy rocks?

(*) The game starts with 3 levels and 4 minutes per level so you can see if the game fits you, then you can purchase more in the main menu.


Versión 1.4.2

Solved a minor problem with the Meteor Fire stage. More balance to the game.


Ignacio Campomanes Diez
828 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Temas de horror/miedo infrecuentes/moderados
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía frecuente/intensa
Compras dentro de la app
  1. 15 min/nivel infinitos niveles USD 1.99


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