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This is simply a maze. Not more, not less.
It's a mini-game with a little addictive potential.

It's the first game of the upcoming "plain selection", a mini-game series consisting of titles reduced to their essence. plain maze features an endless, randomized, moving maze which you have to solve fast in order to keep up. With time, speed continues to increase.

You can buy access to a color-picker for a value that is about half a hot chocolate here. Just drag the ball to the "store" lane and it will guide you to the color-picker. With it you can color your ball and the trace you leave. The color-picker is yours from that time on. So it's a one-time half of a hot chocolate donation, not one every time you wish to recolor.

If you find any bugs, have an idea for a new plain feature or simply want to say Hi, you can contact us at

How to play:
• Drag the ball through the maze and don't get trapped!
• Collect small black points to receive additional lives. 20 points = 1 life. When you die and have at least one life, a new ball will appear in the labyrinth so you can keep on playing.
• To interact with the menu, just drag the ball over the respective dotted circles, they will teleport you.
• Switching sound on/off works by simply dragging the ball over the sound icon next to the website- and facebook-lane.
• Once purchased: to color your ball, simply drag your ball over the color of your choice and let go of it there.


Versión 1.2.1

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

• Compatibility for iOS 11
• Some bugfixes

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (Thomas Gradisnik) no ofreció detalles sobre sus prácticas de privacidad y el envío de datos a Apple.

No se proporcionaron detalles

El desarrollador tendrá que proporcionar detalles sobre la privacidad cuando envíe su próxima actualización de app.


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