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Buying new MacBook? Wondering which house is best for your family? Choosing holidays: tropical beach or a spirited trip through Asia? Always take the Smart Decision! Smart Decisions is an extremely easy choice-making analytics app. It will tell you which decision is objectively the best, then YOU choose whatever you please.

The decision making process in Smart Decision is trimmed down to the necessary mimimum:
1. enter all the choices you’re considering
2. enter all the relevant criteria and their importance
3. compare each option regarding each criterion

Smart Decisions takes it from here and the math does the job. As an outcome, you get plain & simple result: your best Decision and all the other options in order of how well they suit you.

So if you are about to make an important decision, let Smart Decision's algorithms do the hard work for you. GET IT NOW!

Most important FEATURES of Smart Decisions:
1. lets you make UNLIMITED number of decisions - today, tomorrow and in the future
2. suitable for COMPLEX and SIMPLE DECISIONS
3. highly FLEXIBLE:
+ can store unlimited number of decisions, options and criteria
+ is suitable for different types of decisions
+ allows to define personal criteria together with their importance
+ allows to modify all previous inputs
4. USER FRIENDLY: guides you easily through the decision making process
5. presents OBJECTIVELY BEST OPTION in comparison with all other sorted by rating results
6. NO In-App purchases


Versión 1.05

minor bug fix


Daniel Witte
1.2 MB

Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Alemán, Inglés

USD 0.99


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