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Create a better version of yourself with Univi.

Learn how to manage ADHD, build positive habits, and overcome procrastination with Univi,
the app that's more than just a guide - it's your partner in strengthening executive functions.

Designed by experts with ADHD for people like you, Univi understands your unique challenges and provides innovative solutions to master them.

Why Univi is Your ADHD Superpower:

1. ADHD-Friendly Exercise Gym:

- Access a first-of-its-kind ADHD gym with free tools, custom exercises, and strategies that evolve with your journey.

2. Personalized Meditation Creator:
- Revolutionary technology that designs meditations tailored to your mood, current situation, symptoms, and known triggers.

3. Engaging Video Stories:
- Short, impactful stories that resonate with your experiences, offering you strategies and inspiration to manage ADHD effectively.

4. Interactive Learning Modules:
- Enjoy fun quizzes and assignments that transform your learning into a delightful experience, enhancing focus and conquering ADHD-related challenges.

5. Smart AI Mentorship:
- Your AI-powered coach provides personalized advice, improving your productivity and helping you cut through procrastination.

6. Real-Time Mood Tracking:
- Monitor your emotional landscape with our intuitive mood tracker and gain insights to prioritize your mental well-being.

7. Procrastination-Busting Tools:
- Overcome delay with proactive tools and techniques that support you in taking charge of your time and tasks.

Download Univi for FREE and transform your ADHD management today. Let's conquer ADHD together!

Need Help or Want to Give Feedback?

We’re here for you! Connect with us at contact@univi.app and become an active part of our ADHD empowerment community.


Versión 0.5.9

Bug Fixes Galore! Enhanced stability in Meditations, Mood Tracker, and Tool Tracker for a smoother user experience.

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