What’s New

Version 2.0

Bad North just got BIGGER with the new Bad North: Jotunn Edition update.


- Added 4 new Items – Mines, Jabena, Philosopher’s Stone & Holy Grail
- Added Hero Traits – unique buffs for commanders
- Unlock Items and Traits to equip your Starting Commanders
- View details of all upgrades seen in the game in the new Codex view
- Rebalanced all abilities that launch units (bomb, Warhammer etc.)
- Nerfed the Warhammer, tweaked it’s targeting and added a 3rd upgrade level
- Plunge attack is buffed and scales with Infantry level (veteran / elite)
- When losing an Item Island you can see which Item you would have won


- See enemy types you will face before playing a level
- Number of enemy types correlates to total enemy numbers
- Movement of the Viking Frontier is more controlled & moves faster in harder difficulties
- Jabena Item allows one Commander to deploy on two Islands per Campaign Turn
- Optionally allow restarting of levels, as an option when starting a campaign
- Added checkpoint islands that provide a fixed point you can return to, rather than restarting your campaign
- Very Hard difficulty is unlocked after completing Hard
- Ability to delete old campaign saves


- Gold is now deposited in a shared Gold Bank, rather than distributed to commanders
- Total Gold in a campaign is more controlled, less RNG
- Some rare Islands will have a high gold count, but corresponding threat level
- Philosopher’s Stone Item adds additional Gold into the economy


- Replaced the old red-shielded enemies with a new enemy type
- Most enemies (including those with shields) can be knocked off of ships
- Your archers are slightly more likely to target non-shielded troops
- All archers (except brutes) are more likely to target stunned troops
- Enemy archers are more likely to target shielded troops
- Axe-throwers are more likely to target shielded troops with axes
- Infantry are more responsive when ordered to retreat from enemies
- Pikes are more able to form up near stunned enemies
- Archers are better at targeting when close to terrain
- Units are less likely to get stuck on sharp corners of terrain
- Longships landing now do significant stun damage, instead of knockback


- Choose the look and loadout (item + trait) of your starting Commanders
- See stats for kills and losses in the Upgrade screen
- See home and death islands in the Upgrade screen
- View dead Commanders in the Upgrade screen
- Holy Grail Item allows you to resurrect one Dead Commander
- Banner Icons altered to give visual representation of Commander Traits
- Additional facial features, including new hair styles and gray streaks


- Updated Camera controls for mouse / touch to improve responsiveness
- Added alternate mouse behaviours for single button mice and touchscreens
- Added alternate gamepad mapping


- New UI for all Island Rewards and Won Game
- Updated unit outlines to be much crisper, especially with MSAA
- Less visual clipping between shadows, tiles, longships and land
- Tweaked coloration of the islands
- Updated graphical effects for fire and smoke
- Updated effects for bomb explosions


Raw Fury AB
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OS X 10.9.0 or later, 64-bit processor



Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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