A faster way to blog

MarsEdit 4 helps you maintain your blogging empire with ease.

MarsEdit 4

Streamlined blog publishing


With MarsEdit, you can update multiple blogs across an array of hosting platforms using a single, easy-to-use editor. No need to remember the quirks of the WordPress interface and how they differ from Tumblr’s. And who’s got time to wait for laggy web-based editors to catch up? MarsEdit runs locally on your Mac so you can compose complex entries (even those with images and rich text formatting) as quickly as they come to mind.

Those with a need for speed will especially appreciate MarsEdit’s robust shortcut keys. Sure, you’ve got standard ones, like bolding and italicising (Command-B and Command-C), but this goes a step further with shortcuts for inserting images (Shift-Command-I) and previewing your post (Shift-Command-P). You can also create custom shortcuts for a wide range of commands, from inserting ordered lists to various headings.

The latest version of MarsEdit adds a handy Safari extension that can turn any article you’re reading into the basis for a blog post. Simply select text on any web page and click the rocket ship icon in Safari’s toolbar; a new entry is created with a page title, link and your selection as a block quote. Add your own insightful commentary, choose which of your blogs to post to, then click the Send to Blog button.

MarsEdit is compatible with all the major hosting services: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type and more. And because you can compose while offline, you’ll be able to craft your (undoubtedly) astute posts for the internet without actually being connected to it.