Dive into game culture

Game culture is so broad and diverse that you’ll need to be armed with a handful of apps to keep pace with it all. Here are the ones we use.

Discuss, debate and delve deeper

Apollo for Reddit allows you to join the conversation through several gaming-related subreddits, such as /r/iOSGaming.

Twitter is full of people who love to talk about their gaming experiences. Follow specific hashtags, tweet your favourite developer or just scream into the void about that last minute loss in Clash Royale – it’s up to you.

If you’re on the lookout for fan art, Tumblr is the place to be. And don’t miss Discord, our favourite app to connect to other gaming fans through themed channels. You can even create your own channel and invite your squad to connect on voice chat when you’re playing online together.

    Apollo for Reddit

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Don’t play, watch

Sometimes it’s as much fun watching someone play games as it is playing them yourself. It’s often educational, too: watching Twitch streamers play games such as Hearthstone and Minecraft can inspire different ways to play yourself.

    Twitch: Live Game Streaming

    Watch Fortnite, PUBG & IRL TV


Try to keep up

It’s hard to keep track of everything happening in games, but Reeder 4 can help. In the app you can add your favourite games magazines and stay up to date with all the latest news.

Flipboard brings you a more curated games news feed when you’re not sure what to subscribe to. If you prefer to listen than to read, make sure to grab Pocket Casts to take in the best gaming podcasts.

    Reeder 4

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    Flipboard: News for our time

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    Pocket Casts

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