Let Me Eat : Feeding Frenzy ‪٤+‬

Nguyen Thi Bich

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Make the fish swim across the ocean in this exciting adventure of skill and survival!. Survive as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way!
Explore underwater worlds filled with delicious and exotic creatures!
Collect and evolve the fish become new powerful Predator!!!

• Free to play
• Amazing retro graphics
• Very nice gameplay, good control.

• In Let Me Eat : Feeding Frenzy, you must control a hungry marine predator intent on munching as many other fish as possible.
• During the course of the game's 40 levels, they will switch off between 5 marine animals
The last level is where they attempt to dethrone a large shark, the "Shark King", in the form of Orca predator.
• The player takes on the role of different aquatic species each trying to move up the food chain. As smaller fish are eaten, the player's own fish grows in size and becomes capable of eating somewhat larger fish.
•By the end of each level, the fish is sufficiently large enough that it can eat almost anything on-screen. Players must be vigilant for hazards which include depth charges, larger predators, naval mines, radiation-poisoned fish, and jellyfish.

*Thank you all!!!

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.0.6

•Full features with 40 Levels and 5 Predator! Two mode: Normal and Time Attack
•Now you can adjust Joystick speed in Game.
•Added IAP - Remove Ads.
•We love you very much!

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saltycomments ،


Cant believe they made this old school masterpiece a game available now! My childhood <3 i didnt even play it yet but im just so psyched!



As an Egyptian kid , i used to play this game , it was one of the best games I’ve ever played , I recommend it for anyone because it’s amazing and entertaining 

ms17a ،

so nostalgic!

i remember playing this a lot when i was young❤️ great game

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