Let’s play UNO!

Explore different modes in this mobile version of the colourful card game.


The World’s #1 Card Game


Some activities stand the test of time better than others. A family staple since 1971, UNO is that rarest of games: simple, strategic and equally fun for everyone in the family.

Here’s how the mobile version breathes new life into this time-honoured classic:

Bright, playful graphics make the action easy to follow.

It’s speedy

UNO! is all about getting rid of your cards – the more you lose, the faster you win. The app takes that even further: each player gets only a few seconds to make a move, and a three-minute limit keeps matches quick and exciting. Playable cards are highlighted each round so you don’t waste seconds scanning your hand. Just toss that ‘Reverse’ and keep on rolling.

The rules are meant to be broken… or at least heavily modified.

It’s customisable

Why settle for the same old UNO? Create a space in ‘FUN ROOM’ mode to play with friends by mixing and matching custom action cards. Want to use a card that lets you ditch cards of the same colour in one turn? Well, here, anything goes.

Meet characters and explore the ‘UNO UNIVERSE’ in the game’s solo mode.

It’s built for one... or many!

Want to play solo? No problem. From ‘Classic Mode’ and ‘UNO Contest’ matches to a robust single-player ‘UNO Universe’, there’s always a round waiting.

The game is also perfect for pairs. Team up digitally with a pal and take on all comers in compelling 2v2 matches. Just don’t forget the most important part: pressing the big ‘UNO!’ button when you have one card left.


    The World’s #1 Card Game