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Descripción is a cloud based, social, mobile learning platform that allows organisations to supplement their learning & development needs with gamelets. This app is a digital distribution platform to download and play gamelets built by organisations as highly contextualised short-form content on-the-go.

With the ability to interact with characters, minigames and dialogues, enables ‘Smarter Transfer of Enterprise Practices’ through the use of methodologies such as: Guided Experience, Simulation, Guided Experimentation, Narrative Transfer and Scenario Based Learning.

# Download and play all your games
# Exclusive access to your organisation’s learning and development content
# Interactions with non-player characters for scenario-based training
# Ability to add audio in dialogues and minigames
# Decision branching through minigames and dialogue to test players’ knowledge, including puzzles, multiple choice questions, grouping and many more
# Template environments are available to help organisations mock up games quickly.
# The growing library ranges from contemporary urban landscapes, including hospitals and various office environments to forests, deserts and fantasy themed lands
# Get immediate feedback from your decisions
# Access post-game assessment and metrics after playing


Versión 2.7.0

- fixed issue on username login with special characters

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Playware Studios Pte Ltd, no ha proporcionado a Apple detalles sobre las prácticas de privacidad y la gestión de datos.

No se han proporcionado detalles

Se requerirá al desarrollador que proporcione detalles de privacidad cuando envíe la próxima actualización de la app.


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