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The first AI-based ASL app to provide immediate feedback on signing. Memorize letters and digits, develop your expressive and receptive skills. Ace your ASL fingerspelling. Learn sign language without annoying ads! Our ASL app is completely ad free.

This is the first ASL app that uses AI to provide immediate feedback on your signing. Memorize letters and digits, develop your fingerspelling expressive and receptive skills. Take quizzes after each unit to assess your sign language progress. Your sign language teacher is a native ASL user who helps you prepare for real-life conversations with a signer. Ace your American Sign Language skills with a signing buddy!

Statistically, the majority of sign language learners consider recognizing ASL fingerspelling as one of the biggest challenges in sign language learning. Learn ASL and sign both digits and the ABC’s, while also focusing on developing receptive skills. The app is created in close cooperation of top-notch linguists, native American Sign Language users and tech experts so that the language learning process is engaging and tailored to everybody’s capacity. Choose a comfortable level, take as much time as you need, and enjoy learning the alphabet. The units are structured progressively, from easy to expert mode. You can challenge yourself - some sections allow for experimenting with different speeds and difficulties, too.

The ASL app offers three major sections.
“Get Lessons” for interactive learning of letters and digits in American Sign Language. Watch a native signer and repeat, use flashcards and signing exercises to memorize, then take quizzes to assess your progress. The app will analyze your signing in real-time, offering immediate feedback.

In the ASL “Free practice” section, we collected the best exercises for both expressive and receptive skills. Rehearse sign language or work on recognizing ALS signing from others, and get immediate feedback. Watch fingerspelling from a native signer, type the fingerspelled words, or sign it back yourself.

Challenge yourself in the last section to assess fingerspelling recognition. The section offers five levels of complexity, with 10 units in each level:
Unlock levels progressively.

Tech part and conditions:
Our ASL app allows you to choose your dominant hand, set up practice reminders, and sync results with the iCloud storage. No ads – learn ASL free from ads.

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