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This application is for fitting the AMP personal audio amplifier and should be used only by hearing professionals.

To use this application for fitting AMP devices you must login to your online professional account (username and password) with Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, MicroTech or AudioSync. If you don’t currently have an account please call 800.733.2799.

The AMP application uses specific tones to make changes to the AMP devices and the application works best with headphones. Recommended headphones sets are those which have the foam padding that rests on the ears, similar to airplane headphones.

AMP devices are delivered pre-programmed to preset #2 for a mild-to-moderate sloping hearing loss with compression engaged. Professionals can select one of 3 presets as a starting point for the fitting. Each preset is based on a specific audiometric configuration and compression scheme. This application provides the option to also control four parameters of the AMP devices:

1. Low Frequency Gain
2. High Frequency Gain
3. Overall Gain
4. Output

Individual adjustments can be made using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons representing an increase or decrease in level, relative to the Preset. The AMP device will present a confirmation tone for the user after any preset change or parameter adjustment.


Versión 1.6

Update for language support in iOS 11


Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
40.1 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Checo, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Danés, Francés, Húngaro, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Neerlandés, Polaco, Portugués, Ruso, Sueco, Turco



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