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Welcome to Amphetamine, the most awesome keep-awake app ever created for macOS. Amphetamine can keep your Mac, and optionally its display(s), awake through a super simple on/off switch, or automatically through easy-to-configure Triggers. Amphetamine is extremely powerful and includes advanced features for those who need them, yet remains intuitive and easy-to-use for those who don't need all of the bells and whistles.

=== Click to Keep Your Mac Awake ===

Quickly start a keep-awake session from Amphetamine's menu to keep your Mac awake.

• Indefinitely, for a specified amount of time, or until a specified time
• While a file is downloading
• While a specific app is running

During a keep-awake session, choose to allow or prevent:

• Display sleep
• Screen saver activation
• System sleep when built-in display is closed
• Automated mouse cursor movement
• Locking of the screen

=== Advanced Automation ===

Create a Trigger to automatically keep your Mac awake.

• While an external display is connected
• While your Mac's display is being mirrored
• While a USB or Bluetooth device is connected
• While a specific app is running
• While a specific app is running and is frontmost
• While your Mac's battery is charging and/or when the battery is above a threshold
• While your Mac's power adapter is connected or disconnected
• While your Mac has a specific IP address
• While your Mac is on a specific Wi-Fi network
• While your Mac is connected to Cisco AnyConnect VPN service
• While your Mac is using a specific DNS servers
• While headphones or another audio output is in use
• While a specific drive or volume is mounted
• While your Mac's CPU is being utilized to a specific threshold
• When your Mac has been idle for a specific threshold

=== What's the Catch? ===

No catch. Amphetamine is 100% free. It's a gift from me to you. Enjoy!

• No advertisements
• No in-app purchases
• Nothing to unlock/no "pro" version
• No annoying prompts asking you to review Amphetamine
• No links for other paid apps
• No tracking
• No data-harvesting

=== What Else Does Amphetamine Do? ===

Amphetamine is the most powerful and customizable keep-awake utility ever created for macOS. Some other notable features are:

• Lock your Mac's screen after a period of inactivity
• Move the mouse cursor periodically
• Keep your MacBook awake while its display/lid is closed
• Keep your drive awake with Drive Alive
• AppleScript support
• Use your own menu bar icons
• Use your own notification sounds
• Allow your display to sleep while keeping your Mac awake
• Allow screen saver to run after a customizable period of inactivity
• Optional session time remaining display in the menu (with 12/24 hour support)
• Auto-end session if your Mac's battery is low
• Hot key support for starting/ending sessions, enabling disabling display sleep, and more

=== System Requirements + Other Details ===

• Amphetamine requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher; some features require a higher version of macOS
• Amphetamine supports Retina displays and macOS dark mode.


Versión 5.3.2

=== Introducing Power Protect ===

In Amphetamine 5.3, a Closed-Display Mode script was introduced to address an issue on Apple Silicon Macs where connecting or disconnecting your Mac laptop from an external power source could cause unexpected session behavior. Running this script required use of Touch ID or an administrator's password.

Thanks to members of the Amphetamine community (Pitor and Joe), a way to run the script without authentication has been identified and implemented in Amphetamine 5.3.1. To run the script without authentication, you must download and install both the script and a configuration file. This feature is now known as Power Protect and is only needed/available on Apple Silicon Mac laptops.

Please note that Power Protect is not included directly in Amphetamine and requires a separate download and installation. When you start a Closed-Display Mode session on an Apple Silicon Mac, Amphetamine will ask you if you would like to Learn More about Power Protect. If you choose Learn More, you will be directed to a website where you can read about Power Protect and choose to install it, if desired.

=== Fixes ===

• Fixed a crash on macOS Sonoma related to Bluetooth privacy settings access

• Added warning when Amphetamine is running using Rosetta

• Fixed an issue where some Apple Silicon Macs could be identified as Intel

• Fixed an issue for sessions that start at app launch don't enable Closed-Display Mode

• Fixed an issue where the session time remaining or other text would overlap Amphetamine's icon in the menu bar

• Fixed an issue with a -50 Application Can't be Opened error that appeared on some older macOS versions

• Added additional logic/code around creating and releasing power assertions in an attempt to fix an issue where Amphetamine causes a Mac to sleep, disconnect from external displays and/or WiFi, or create a "flash" on external displays

• Added ability to uninstall scripts via Amphetamine (menu bar icon) → Feedback & Support → Uninstall Scripts...

• Added Location Services request for current WiFi network name access for Trigger sessions in macOS Sonoma

• Configured all of Amphetamine's alerts to be floating windows (show on top of other windows)

• Fixed an issue where some menu text was clipped in French localization

• Fixed an issue with Triggers not activating on some non-laptop Macs

• Fixed an issue where some IP address-based Trigger sessions would not end when expected

• Added Debug Mode

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4,7 de 5
157 valoraciones

157 valoraciones

Perlesvaus ,

Magnífica e imprescindible

Es como Caffeine, pero con muchas más posibilidades. Incluso puedes cambiar el icono de la pastillita que viene por defecto, por la tradicional taza de café. Todo esto GRATIS. Cinco estrellas sin duda.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,


Pako.. ,


Si trabajas con tu Mac, esta aplicación es indispensable. La reencarnación evolucionada de Caffeine.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,


Ladfoot ,


If you're looking to keep your Mac awake, then this app is the best one you'll find on the MAS. I have been using it for a couple of years and I'm still amazed at how great this little app is considering the developer offers it for free for all of us to use. The developer keeps on updating and adding new features despite not making a single penny out of this, which is way beyond what other developers do, even when they charge upfront for their apps. Thanks a lot and keep the good work!

Respuesta del desarrollador ,


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