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Practice reading EKG's in lead II.

Please Read: The purpose of this app is not to teach basic EKG interpretation but rather to practice basic EKG interpretation. If you don’t know basic EKG interpretation this is not the place to begin. Learn basic EKG interpretation first then come to this app to practice your skills (or even use it to refresh your skills).

Basic EKG interpretation isn’t basic. Its an intermediate level skill that takes time, practice and refreshing. Whether your a doctor, nurse or EMT your ability to read and pickup on basic EKG changes in real time is vital. Practice with an app that actually looks like what you see at work.

Twenty three rhythms presented randomly in lead II. Practice identifying them or just set back and view them as they emulate across three different strips. Rates, amplitudes and widths of the rhythms are dynamically set which provides for a more realistic simulation and variation within each type of rhythm.

Download for FREE now with four sample rhythms included. A single one-time in-app purchase unlocks all rhythms.

Warning: The cardiac rhythms presented by the app are simulated approximations. There is NO guarantee to the accuracy of rhythms presented. While accuracy is not guaranteed it is a goal. Please report errors, suggestions or general feedback to:


Versión 1.2

Improved appearance of T waves.

Thank you for everyone's feedback and patience. If you enjoy using this app, please consider leaving a review. Your support makes an enormous difference!


Single Sail Software, LLC
2.2 MB

Requiere iOS 8.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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