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*** Fun educational game for toddlers of age 2.5 and up ***
*** Your kid will learn all about colors, size, shapes, sorting, playing indoor and much more
*** Developed with certified child psychologists ***
***15 beautiful mini-game (3 for free and 12 more when you buy)***
*** Ascending difficulty level

What is it all about -

"At Home with the Smiths" is an educational game for children of age 2.5 and up.
Go through their house with your kid and play 15 games (3 for free and 12 more when you buy) each focused on a set of basic concepts from the child's world such as shapes, colors, food, getting dressed and more.

At Home is designed to enhance the following skills:
- Sorting and classifying
- Hand-eye coordination
- Concentration
- Visual perception

The Games -

Flowery Garden (colors) - Pick a flower and place it at the correct flowery pot.
The Keys (Shapes) - Pick a key and place it at the correct board
Bones (Sizes) - Feed the dogs with the correct bones
The Bathtub (Sizes) - Pick the bubbles and put them in the correct size bubble holder
The Kitchen Fridge (Colors) - Can you help put the groceries back according to their color ?
The Living Room (Shapes) - Please help sort the pillows and place them in correct place
The Tool Shade (Sizes) - Cab you sort the ranches by their size ?
The Laundry Room (Color) - Help put back the laundry in it's place
The Dinning Table (Shapes) - Can you clean the table by placing the kitchen tools in it's place ?
The PlayRoom (Sizes) - Please help us put all the toys back ?
Bed Time (Sizes & Shapes) - It's night time. Can you put all the stars on the sheet ?
The Fish Tank (Shapes & Colors) - Please help putting all the fish back to their tanks
Getting Dressed (Size) - Can you help dress up mom and kid ?

Our apps are specially designed to cover critical skills that will help prepare your little one for school and life. Your child will master basic essential skills that will help them build a successful academic start in life.
Raccoon Treehouse allows kids to:

* Practice problem solving skills
* Learn how to sort and classify in different ways
* Increase visual perception and hand-eye coordination
* Strengthen quantitative perception skills

You’ll love our app because just like all of our educational apps for toddlers At the Beach with the Smiths is 100% safe to use, and free from ads and popups. Best of all, you’ll love the adorable graphics and cute games while you play along with your toddler.

We takes pride in developing only the best educational games for preschoolers. Your child will love our app because they will have hours of fun playing this adorable game without realizing that they are learning!


iMagine Machine Israel LTD
26.6 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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