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Knock pin bowling game and score as many points.

* Introduction:
  Game play offline and does not require a network connection.
  Royal Game in 3D bowling simulation game by famous sports bowling. Players must perform overthrow the battery to record the highest score. Move the ball forward on the runway to the location of the ten pin.
  The perfect effect, good, fail, normal players will be out for easy identification of effective blows his turn.

* Features:
- 3D graphics and extremely impressive viewing angles.
- Law on basic bowling game.
- Very easy controls.
- Beautiful effect.
- Leardborad point on channel players in the world.
- Sounds good.

* How to play:
- Swipe the screen from ball to pin position to control.
- Law bowling game has not changed. A maximum of 300 points.

In the first game has 10 frames, 1 frame every 2 times you have the opportunity to completely knock 10 Pin (Pin 1 is counted as 1 point) If the first time you hit 10 pin falls right is called "Strike" if after 2 new throws down all 10 pins are called "Spare" 2 times longer after all that remains is the frame that called battery open frame.
1.Frame Strike: outside the 10 points you get knocked down by 10 pins in the first throws of this frame, you will be entitled to add up all of the battery falls from the next two throws in the frame (up to 1 frame is 30 points).
2 Spare Frame: In addition to 10 points can be knocked down by 10 pins after two throws in this frame, you are entitled plus full points from the next pitch into the frame (frame spare maximum score is 20 points).
3 Open Frame: After 2 times and still not throw batteries fell out of the frame at this point would be equivalent to the number of batteries you throw fell after throwing 2 times, and the only rights you enjoy throwing balls in the next frame (if the game you still have not made frame).
By the 10th frame, the score sheet as well as the total maximum score for one game is 300 points.


Versión 1.2

- Update new effect.
- Update new graphics.
- Fix bug support ipad design.
- Add new leaderboard.


hoan truong
77.5 MB

Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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