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Brainy Skills Multiplication and Division is a math game made to help players learn how to multiply and divide. Its format is an exciting way to help players of all ages develop and improve basic math skills.

This app was designed to help students practice both simple math facts and more difficult math problems, including bonus items which are word problems. The format provides the same skills as a worksheet, with the added excitement of a game and a chance to beat their high scores. This is great for teachers who use iPads in the classroom to motivate their students, but do not want too many distracting features to take away from the skill being worked on.

The game is designed to increase in complexity at a challenging rate. Easy levels cover numbers 0 through 4, medium levels cover numbers 0 through 10, and hard levels cover numbers 10 through 25. This app works well for young mathematicians practicing their math skills, as well as middle and high school special needs students that need continued practice of comprehension and in a motivating enjoyable way, keeping them entertained and excited about getting challenged.

This is a simple game used for learning math skills. Answer a multiple choice question while working your way up the scoreboard for points. It's that easy! Motivate your child to beat their score each time they play and get to the highest score.

Easy to adapt as needed by parents, teachers, and therapists for a variety of skill levels. Students can play on their own or with an assistant to guide them along and practice basic math skills. Teachers can set up a weekly leader board and see which students have improved each week. Good for users that need blocks/pencil/paper to count side-by-side with the app.

Great for:
• Students who need repetitive skill based exercises
• Math skills review
• Multiplication and Division target practice with increased complexity
• Problem solving
• Producing random questions, making it impossible to predict

• Completely random questions, always in random order by level
• 5 levels ranging from easy to difficult as the levels increase
• Motivationally animated voice feedback after responses for encouragement
• Brainy Bonus after every 5 correct questions
• Exciting game format
• Adjustable timer - 15, 30, 45, & 60 second settings
• Mixed skills levels

Helps players improve reading comprehension skills while building confidence to score high!

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Versión 1.3

• Updated timer
• Bug fixes

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