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Gyronimo Performance Pad -Cessna 172 S-
The ultimate flight computer for Mass & Balance and Performance.

Calculate and interpolate performance data using the actual values from the Cessna 172 S Pilot's Operating Handbook.
(Note - this app does not provide updated POH data. For flight planning, always use the original POH of the airplane you will be flying)

Performance Results are updated immediately and displayed in high-resolution graphics, enhanced for the iPad Retina displays.

Change all important values using sliders.
Experiment with the results and create "what if" scenarios in no time.

Find your optimal cruise altitude, takeoff ground roll, landing distance,
climb data and stall speeds.

The Performance Pad C172S has seven main pages:

1. The Mass & Balance (or Weight & Balance) Page
Calculates Center of Gravity, Moments, Takeoff and Zero Fuel Mass as well as Percent MAC (% MAC).

Set person and baggage weights in seconds using the convenient sliders.
Check if the CG is within limits using three graphical displays
- Moment Envelope
- CG envelope
- Aircraft axis
or see a complete load manifest that you can send to your email address to quickly prove that you have completed the Weight & Balance for your flight.

2. The Takeoff Page
Using the actual data from the C172S Operating Handbook
the Performance Pad calculates and displays Ground Roll and Landing Distance
based on:

- Aircraft Mass
- Takeoff Elevation in MSL (Pressure Altitude and Density Altitude will be computed)
- Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
- Altimeter Setting
- Runway Conditions (i.e. paved dry to grass or extra factors up to 100%)
- Wind Conditions

Wind Components Computer
- Use the Wind Components page to determine your headwind or tailwind component.
Rotate the wind dial to set wind direction, set windspeed and the results will be
transferred to your takeoff computations automatically!

3. The Climb page
Calculates time, fuel and distance based on
- Difference between Takeoff Elevation and intended Flight Level
- Altimeter Setting
- Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
- Altimeter Setting
- Headwind or Tailwind Component

The Rate of Climb and Climb Speed will be displayed.

4. The Cruise Page
Using the actual data from the Pilot's Operating Handbook you can
determine the optimal cruise altitude based on
- Trip Distance
- Flight Level
- Engine RPM
- Temperature
- Wind and Altimeter Setting

and calculate Break Horse Power (% BHP), Fuel Flow and True Airspeed

The Max Range and Range including Reserve will be displayed graphically.

The Fuel Management allows to input Reserve Time for Contingency, Alternate and Final Reserve.
The Fuel Usage is displayed graphically.

5. Landing Page
Calculates Ground Roll and Landing Distance based on wind, elevation, altimeter setting etc.
Use the Wind Components Computer to quickly determine head- or tailwind components

6. Stall Speed Page.
Calculates The Stall Speed based on Bank Angle and Flap Settings.
Stall Speed will be computed as KIAS and KCAS using the actual values from the Cessna POH.

7. Setup
- Load and Save up to five Aircraft Settings and Scenarios.
- Send a Mass & Balance Summary to your email address.
- Visit our video channel and watch tutorials and video manuals.

The Gyronimo Performance Pad is a student, professional pilot, ​and flight instructor assistance tool for plausibility checks and flight training only. All graphics and data provided in this application are used as examples. For flight planning the ORIGINAL Pilot’s Operating Handbook must be used! Performance values can vary significantly with aircraft or environmental conditions and also with your pilot skills. Always consider safety margins for you and the aircraft you are flying.


Versión 3.5

increased percentage for runway conditions (takeoff and landing)


Gyronimo, LLC
31.9 MB

Requiere iOS 9.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.



Clasificada 4+
© Claus Richter
21,99 €


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