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Callipeg is a 2D hand-drawn animation application made for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Create shots using the frame rate you need : 12, 24, 25, 30, 60 frame per seconds...

You will get a fully manageable timeline, within a simple and decluttered interface designed for gestures and Apple Pencil.

Flip your animation with three fingers
Play and Pause your animation with four fingers
Display your floating palette with two fingers and access easily copy, paste, clear and flip options
Select and move your drawings around even through layers
Add as many layers as you need
Select and transform your drawings with the selection tool
Set the color and opacity of onion skin

Callipeg has a unique radial menu for your layers and sheets to:
Merge, duplicate, lock or hide your layers
Add inbetweens
Set your timing
Invert your drawings
Duplicate with or without content
Import pictures to your sheets

You can also drag and drop pictures from other apps directly in your animation.

Callipeg has a complete brush set including pencil, pencilHB, charcoal, china marker, flat brush, Indian ink, soft pencil,...
And you can create yours with a fully manageable brush settings panel (from smoothing to tip customization and texture).

Choose color with the color wheel, the sliders or create your own palets for your projects. Enjoy also the color history to never lose a color again.

Callipeg has a fully left-handed interface you can access in the settings panel.

Export your animations to:
.mp4 / .gif / .png (including your layers structure if you need it) / .peg

Get Callipeg for:
- 0,99€/month
- 9,99€/year
- 49,99€ for permanent purchase

At the end of the 7-days trial period, you will have to choose between 3 plans to continue using the app.
For monthly and yearly subscriptions, a 0.99 euro (monthly)/9.99 euro (yearly) purchase will be applied to your iTunes account on confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes or Apple ID account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. For more information, see our Terms of Use and Private Policy.


Versión 1.6.0

Feat: Added a new type of layer: Transformation layer.
Feat: Added markers. You can add marker by double tapping on the timeline's ruler.
Feat: Added HEVC export (transparent videos)
Feat: Added a raw not antialiased brush.
Feat: Added a lock in onion skin options that allows to move sliders relative from each other.
Feat: Added an option to disable gestures while drawing, to prevent some unintended gestures from happenning.
Feat: Added a "gesture bypass" button on the left control bar when transformation tools are selected. This allows zooming/panning on the canvas while transforming.
Feat: Added ellipse to selection shapes.
Feat: Added anchor point to regular transformation.
Feat: Added basic keyboard support (hold command to see shortcut list).
Feat: Added support for Traditionnal Chinese.
Feat: Gifs can now be exported with transparency.
Feat: Export parameters are now persistent and will be remembered when restarting Callipeg.
Feat: All color wheels now have a picker button to pick any color from the app.
Feat: NumPads can now handle negative numbers when needed.
Feat: Using one finger touch while moving transformation will snap the movement to reference lines.
Feat: Copying/Pasting pixels can now be done through differents apps.
Feat: Changing opacity will now apply opacity to all selected layers.

UI: Tap with finger on the timeline will no longer change current frame to prevent unintentional palm changes. It still works for pencil.
UI: Timeline's horizontal autoscroll sensitivity was tweaked, so it feels less "uncontrollable".
UI: Undo/Redo gestures can now be performed on the timeline
UI: Timeline drag bar will be hidden if timeline can't be enlarged.
UI: Changed both RadialMenus by ActionPanels.
UI: Moving a sheet or a videoclip is now relative. It no longer puts the clip's starting frame at touch location.

Fix: JSON export now works properly.
Fix: Transforming images will now reflect the layer's opacity.
Fix: Drag&Drop an image from another app when pencil tool is active no longer moves the sheet's content instead of the dropped image.
Fix: Solo visibility for layers now work with multiple selected layers.
Fix: MP4 export no longer have random black frames at the beginning.
Fix: Double tapping to fill outside of the canvas will no longer crash the app.
Fix: Tool's opacity now works properly with pressure.
Fix: Locked layers can no longer be transformed.
Fix: The app is now preventing two shots from having the same name within the same scene.
Fix: Shapes now take selection and alpha lock into account.
Fix: Color sliders now update properly.
Fix: It's no longer possible to do fills while transforming.
Fix: Splitting a video clip will keep the transformation on both segments.
Fix: Rotation handle no longer reverses.
Fix: Copying a layer will now copy its opacity and lock state.
Fix: Timeline will now scroll properly after merging layers.
Fix: Editing ending frame of a clip with magnet off will now properly push elements into empty frames.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.6 de 5
7 valoraciones

7 valoraciones

Forcens ,

¡Buen comienzo!

La app está muy bien aunque hecho en falta lo siguiente:
Filtros, como “Desenfoque Gausiano”, etc.
Dibujar fuera del lienzo.
Que la herramienta “Transformar” pueda distorsionar y tenga punto de anclaje.
Tener vectores también sería genial.
Poder poner una cámara. Aunque tengo entendido que esto en próximas actualizaciones estará incluido.

Muchas gracias por desarrollar esta app para iPad, sin duda faltaba en la App Store.
Ojalá se convierta en la futura app de animación profesional para iPad. :)

httfgv ,

A veces no funciona bien

Quise hacer una animación a partir de unos frames que ya tenía dibujados de otra aplicación y los cuales tenía en formato .png en una carpeta numerados correctamente. El primer problema es que al exportar dichos archivos no había manera de que se exportasen por orden, el orden era aleatorio y tuve que ordenar frame a frame y mirar dónde iba cada uno después de intentarlo varias veces.
Importados y ordenados ya los frames, hice parte de la animación que quería hacer y cerré el archivo, ahora, me es imposible volver a entrar en el documento, por no mencionar que a veces nisiquiera aparece en la pantalla de inicio y debo cerrar y abrir la aplicación varias veces.
Si pudiesen ayudarme con el problema o al menos explicarme por que ocurre, serían muy amables. Gracias de ante mano :)

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

You can send us an email explaining the issue you encounter with the export to
Feel free to attach a video or screenshots of the process.

Chestiiir ,

Está en japonés

Me he descargado la app y está en japonés por defecto. Como podría cambiarlo al inglés? Así no puedo trabajar. Gracias.

EDIT: Thanks a lot!!

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

To change the language of the app, go to your iPad settings, scroll down to the Callipeg app, tap on Callipeg and then choose your preferred language.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Enoben, ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos que se describe a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

No se recopilan datos

El desarrollador no recopila ningún dato en esta app.

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, en función de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información


32.8 MB

Requiere iOS 13.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.


Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Francés, Inglés, Japonés

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  2. Monthy Subscription 0,99 €
  3. Yearly Subscription 9,99 €


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