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"If you're looking to get started within the realm of roguelikes, this whimsical title could be a fantastic entry ticket." - 148 Apps

“One of the most compelling and addictive iOS games I've played in years” – Pixelated Paradise

"Card Dungeon is a bizarre mash-up of genres that works better than I'd expected. It's more about dungeon exploration than card collection, but it manages to make both quite entertaining." - Pocket Gamer UK

""A highly addicting mix of genres that ticks all the right boxes" - Games Finder

Take control of Crusader and free the lands from the hordes of the Nethermist in this turn based strategy rogue. Card Dungeon is a completely unique and handcrafted board / card /rogue-like game experience unlike anything you have played before. Easy to pick up and play for 10 minutes, but has enough depth and strategy that you will still be playing after multiple hours.

You can only do 1 thing / turn. Choose wisely.

When the game starts you are dealt three cards. The cards are used for attacks, defense, health, magic, summoning and much more. When the player defeats a monster or opens a chest, a new card may be revealed. The user then has to decide if they want to keep their current card or switch it to the new one. Progress through the levels as far as you can. When you die, you restart at the beginning. If you make it back to where you died, you get all your cards and money back.
No IAP. No in game ads. No internet required. Buy it once and get the full game as it should be.


Full 3D. Rotate, zoom and pan across gorgeous board game tiles.
Discover and equip over 1,000 cards.
Each play through genuinely unique as you transition from playing a hard hitting warrior to a summoning wizard to a trap laying rogue, etc, etc, etc. Dozens of combinations await you!
Randomly generated levels with hand placed creatures.
No defined player classes. The cards define your class!
Discover armor and weapon cards that help define who Your Crusader is this run.
Unlock trait cards which modify how Crusader acts in game. Play a cowardly, but strong Crusader. Next time play a Crusader strong with magic, but one that keeps losing money.
Record short video clips and upload your achievements and rare card finds for your friends to see. You can even record commentary directly from inside the game (requires use of camera and microphone).
21 levels packed with 40+ monsters, each with their own unique skills for Crusader to overcome.
Unique and beautiful artwork
Original score by Ian Dorsch

*Compatible with the iPhone 4S and up, the iPad 2 and up, the iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod touch.


Versión 1.4.1

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

v1.4.1 Fixes
- Corrected minor formatting issue.

v1.4 Fixes
- Fixed skills that cast on chests
- Fixed rare bug causing portal to not drop at end of level
- Fixed bug where creatures would stay after death.
- Rebalanced random level generation
- Fixed rare bug causing incorrect player movement
- Fixed several smaller bugs
- Optimized performance.

Valoraciones y reseñas

5.0 de 5
1 valoración

1 valoración

manicala ,

Bueno pero no permite guardar partidas

El juego esta muy bien, ya que permite jugar partidas rápidas y tiene mucho entretenimiento al ser esa mezcla de rpg y juego de cartas.
También es muy interesante que tenga niveles y diversos dungeons lo que le da más amplitud y duración al juego, tiene mucha estrategia en lo quye has de hacer si no mures muy deprisa y no se avanza en los nivels ni los dungeons.
Ahora tiene un problema muy importante que se ha de solucionar ya, es que cuando mueres tienes que comenzar desde el principio y eso no se puede permitir ya que no se puede jugar todo el juego de una tacada en varias horas, te pasas dias repitiendo los mismos niveles y noavanzas y eso aburre.
Se tendria que poder continuar desde cada mazmorra que termines y asi poco a poco avanzar en los niveles y distintos dungeons o por lo menos guaradar la partida cuando quieras para continuar desde ese punto aunque mueras podras continuar desde ahi.
Por lo demas un gran juego que proporciona mucha diversión.

Elmedievo ,


No se guardan las partidas si mueres, o sea que tienes que pasártelas todas de una sentada y esto es un error, porque tienes q volver a empezar una y otra vez y no dispongo de 3 horas para jugar de un tirón todas las dungeons , lo cual se me hace repetitivo,seria bueno que permanecieran desbloqueadas una vez se llega a ellas.

xeluis ,

Bueno, pero repetitivo

Al principio se colgaba mucho y cuando pude jugar se volvió repetitivo en la segunda pantalla. No obstante, está bien conseguido.


Playtap Games, LLC
630.5 MB

Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada
3,49 €


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