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With fun and gamification for healthier and happier employees

Changers is your healthcare platform to become healthier, happier and greener.

We offer Changers CO2 fit app in a free version for all and a white label version for companies that want to offer their employees an occupational app and web health platform. The setup and adaptation to your own ideas takes place with the least possible time and effort and without any need for IT development capacities via our SaaS administration platform.

Out of the box or customized

Companies can choose from four categories of healthy activities: workout videos, guided meditations, prescriptions or preventive check-ups. In addition, you can add your own health measures at any time.

Motivate healthy exercise

Playful team competitions around running and cycling can be set up and started individually by the companies with just a few clicks. Teams can be branches, departments or freely chosen groups. Ongoing challenges motivate the participants to stay tuned.

Multiple tracking options

We offer you multiple possibilities to measure your journeys in the app.
You can track walking and cycling manually via Start and Stop using the GPS of your mobile phone. You can track your steps and your distance automatically by connecting with the Apple HealthKit in our app or you can connect to fitness trackers like Garmin and Fitbit. We also offer a fully automated recording of all your journeys by connecting with the Moves app.

Earn valuable bonus points

The Changers health platform already has its own reward and bonus system. The apps automatically generate 1 bonus point – which we call ReCoin in the App – for every kilometer traveled on foot and by bicycle. Companies can also individually incentivize participation in health-promoting measures with ReCoins. ReCoins can be exchanged for example, for vouchers such as a fitness plate in the canteen, a back training or a bicycle accessories. It is also possible to start individual raffles in the company.

Good for the employees, good for the company and good for the environment

In addition, you can plant your own trees or set up a donation project for a charity project of your choosing. For example, for 100 kilometers walked or cycled, you can unlock a tree which is planted in an ecological reforestation project in Germany. The own "corporate forest" is a huge motivation, improves the CO2 balance and sensitizes for environmental protection topics.
Partner integration
Changers sees itself as a platform. We rely on partnerships with specialists such as fitness equipment manufacturers, fitness center operators, sports and outdoor app providers, and of course providers of stress management, nutritional enhancement, meditation and more. Companies can use our software to obtain these services from their partners or integrate their own local providers into the platform.

Battery performance

The Changers app works very battery-saving. Nevertheless, the consumption is higher when the GPS function is switched on than during normal operation of the smartphone.

Data protection

The software is of course GDPR compliant. The data is hosted in Germany. The necessary energy comes to 100% from renewable sources. In addition, because of working with major German corporations Changers has included the requirements of the company and unions already during the development of the product. This includes anonymous participation without clear names and corporate email, or that we don’t share our users data with third parties. Users of course can always delete their account and all their data.


Versión 7.11.2

Minor bugs fixed and improvement

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8 valoraciones

8 valoraciones

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Changers, ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Datos vinculados contigo

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse y vincularse con tu identidad:

  • Salud y forma física
  • Ubicación
  • Datos de contacto
  • Identificado­res
  • Datos de uso
  • Diagnósticos

Datos no vinculados contigo

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse, pero no se vinculan con tu identidad:

  • Contenido del usuario

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, dependiendo de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información


  • En familia

    Hasta un máximo de seis miembros de tu familia podrán usar esta app si tienes En familia activado.

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