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Client Folder Maker is a simple, easy-to-use general purpose folder creation and management tool for the busy desktop publisher, prepress operator or web designer. It allows you to set up a hierarchy of folders once, then quickly re-create that hierarchy anywhere in the filesystem with just a few clicks from the Finder.

Client Folder Maker utilizes a very simple approach to building custom folder sets for any job. Easily add, rename, or delete folders in the hierarchy and create new files under the folder tree. The hidden gem is CFM's limitless customization of tag variables, so the possibilities for personal customization are endless.

Client Folder Maker ships with default Presets for the design or prepress minded, as well as a simple website structure for web developers. Both have their own unique tag variables, but can easily be customized for any working environment.

After setting a pre-determined archive folder, you can chose any Preset via Menu Item, Keyboard Shortcut, or by a handy Finder Extension. Simply enter the Client or Project Name, the Job or Version Number, and click the "Create Folder" button. Instantly, a new folder hierarchy is created. Client Folder Maker will faithfully create the folder structure based on the client's name and the number associated with that job - with all the support folders inside.

Despite its namesake, Client Folder Maker's default presets aren't limited to simply a "client name" or a "job number." As long as the chosen words or phrases are surrounded in braces, you can create and use any tags you wish.

To aid in building folder presets, you may also Drag & Drop existing folder structures on top of CFM's Preference window. This will automatically create a new preset on-the-fly, based on the content of that folder. All that is necessary is adjusting the tag variables and setting its preferred Archive Folder Path (or Desktop).

Among Client Folder Maker's most useful features is its ability to import and export Presets via Drag & Drop. You can drag any Preset to the Desktop for setting up another machine, to save and archive, or even to share with friends and colleagues. Existing Presets may also be sorted in any way in the list. You can also add useful descriptions for each Preset to better describe its use under different conditions.

Client Folder Maker doesn't stop there. Users can also designate content to be auto-imported from existing source files. This feature easily copies content from any text file into the newly created files in the new folders. It is prefect for users who find themselves using the same base content in their projects, such as custom HTML markup, jQuery, CSS files, and more.

Client Folder Maker also incorporates a "Copy To ..." facility. You can place any native file (for example, an InDesign, ScreenFlow, Excel, Quark, etc) inside the "Copy To ..." folder. Now, when CFM is invoked, it will dutifully copy this document to any new folder structure. This is perfect for graphic designers who can easily set up presets for specific job types, such as business card or magazine design.

Most designers maintain an archives or "work in progress" folder on their desktop. Client Folder Maker embraces this methodology by allowing users to select an archive of their choice at the Preset level. Now when CFM is invoked, it will automatically place any newly created folder heirarchy inside this WIP folder, or even your Desktop in the Finder.

If you have any questions about Client Folder Maker, or even need help setting up that Perfect Preset, we invite customers to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to address any potential issues. We also encourage new users to check out the Help Video on CFM's official website.


Versión 5.0

Client Folder Maker 5.0 is a virtually brand new application that introduces many new customer requested features, as well as builds on existing features.

1) Archive Folder Re-Implemented:
* The Archive Folder is now set at the Preset level (instead of globally). Now, each Preset can have its own Archive Folder set, where newly created Hierarchies will go. Or the user can merely choose their Desktop as their Archive Folder.

2) Resizable and Modernized Window:
* Upgraded the window to use modern automatic layout, making it adapt better for localization and resizing.
* The presets list now uses a source list style, and the width can be resized.
* The window is now resizable horizontally as well as vertically.
* Modernized the layout to eliminate old-fashioned dead space and boxes, while keeping the familiar controls.

3) Preset-Specific Archive Folder:
* Moved the archive folder path to be preset-specific, so each preset can create folders in their own parent folder.
* When adding a new preset, the archive folder defaults to the last-selected one, if any.
* Improved the appearance of the path control when one isn't set.

4) Custom Icon & Label Color for Root Folder:
* Added an image well to the right of the Preset Label, where an image can be dropped or pasted.
* If an image is chosen, it is used as the icon of the root folder when invoking a Preset.
* Right-click on the Image Well to show the Label Colors, to assign a label color to the created root folder.

5) New Date Variable:
* Added support for a {Date} variable, which displays a field automatically populated with today's date, in the preferred short date format.
* For advanced users, the {Date} variable also supports specifying a custom format using the standard Unicode conventions.
* Dates can have their own custom separators. e.g. "{Date yyMMdd'T'hhmmss}" to output "181228T134527".

6) New AUTO feature:
* Users can have new numbered folder structures. Each time this Preset is invoked, it is incremented by one (1).

7) Other Changes:
* Now supports Dark Mode under Mojave.
* Icon for Preset Files - Files created when dragging Presets to the Desktop now have a custom icon.
* Changed the "Directory Name" field prompt to "Folder Name" to be more consistent and intuitive.
* Renamed the preset name prompt, and moved the launch at login prompt to the same line as the other preferences.
* Tweaked the color of the label text under the color swatches, to be more visible in dark mode with a light background behind.
* Added tooltips to the preset controls.


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