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Simulate climate change on your iPhone or iPad!

Climate Pathways is Climate Interactive's real-time climate change simulator for iOS devices. With a trace of your finger, draw annual global emissions from now through 2050. Climate Pathways tells you INSTANTLY what the average global temperature will be based on what your finger's motion! All on a mobile device. Cool, huh?

In Auto Mode, tap the screen to indicate the peak year/amount of global emissions. Again, Climate Pathways will INSTANTLY calculate what emissions would have to be to stay below 2 degrees Celsius in 2100, the internationally agreed upon goal. The annual rate of emissions decline is also displayed for you on the screen.

Climate Interactive would like to thank Todd Fincannon for his time programming this application. Visit Todd at

For more real-time interactive climate and energy simulators, please visit


Versión 1.1.0

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

The first climate model on mobile devices has been updated!

This update modernizes and speeds up the experience so you can explore the impact of future greenhouse gas emissions as quick as your figure can draw.

Updates include:
- Modern 64-bit architecture for your fancy iOS devices
- User interface fits of all screen sizes and resolutions better
- Includes a demo video to help you get started
- Reformatting and cleaned up the help text
- Updated the "business-as-usual" emissions to include the latest estimates

If you're looking to explore climate emissions scenarios more deeply, such has "What if the US/China/India starts reducing in 2025?", please check out our other app, C-ROADS World Climate (macOS, Win, and web) at .

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