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In daily work, there are always many files, folders, websites, programs or apps that need to be opened and closed repeatedly. At the same time, there are a lot of shortcut keys that are difficult to remember. The Controlax app is designed to solve these problems.

With Controlax, the launch and operation of apps, files, folders, shortcut keys, websites can be set to one key, and a complex series of operations can be completed with a single click. Meanwhile, Controlax also supports global hotkey and full customization, which can quickly improve your efficiency.

Advantages of the Controlax:

[ One button launch apps, files, folders, keyboard shortcuts, websites ]
-It only takes a few seconds to configure, and you can improve your productivity forever.

[ Global Hotkey ]
You can always invoke the Controlax app at any time to execute the shortcut you want.

[ Supporting custom configuration ]
You can configure your own shortcuts exactly according to your operating habits and needs. Of course, we also carefully preset a lot of shortcuts that you are likely to use frequently, such as one-button sleep, screen lock, screenshot, volume brightness control, and so on.

[ Support configuration import and export ]
You can also share your own configuration with other users, or import the configuration that others have done with one click.

[ Quickstart & ultimate stability ]
We spent a lot of time optimizing the app, so the software runs quickly and takes up less memory, can be invoked instantly, and it is very stable.

System Requirements:
-macOS Catalina 10.15.3 or higher

If you have any problems during use, you are welcome to send feedback to

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