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Dark Mode makes your browser more comfortable, enjoyable and cool by changing the colour scheme to make web pages easier to read. Works especially well for people working during the night or in low light environments or when you want to match your browser with the new macOS dark mode look.

• Once you activate the extension all websites will display a darker theme. You can start the extension manually, you can schedule it or turn it on automatically (when macOS dark mode is active)
• Just press the tool bar button and you can change to a softer theme, an e-ink (paper) theme or cover the page with a translucent curtain
• You can apply dark mode for some sites only and deactivate the theme for any site

• A simple and powerful Safari extension
• Choose between 5 themes: Dark, Mono Dark, Soft Dark, Dark Curtain and Paper (E-Ink)
• Multiple ways to activate the extension: manually, schedule it for your preferred night hours or when macOS dark mode is on
• You can ignore any site or you can apply Dark Mode for some websites only
• Use hotkeys to toggle Dark Mode:
- Command + Option + K: Temporary toggle (until page refresh)
- Command + Option + P: Permanently toggle

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Versión 3.3.0

• Improved the rendering for some popular websites

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,0 de 5
1 valoración

1 valoración

Karl_360 ,

Imprescindible para navegar por la noche

Sin duda esta es la mejor opción para poder navegar con Safari por la noche.

La extensión se puede activar manualmente o programar una hora de encendido y apagado. También es posible establecer que se active automáticamente cuando el Mac esté en modo oscuro.

Creo que por los 2 euros que cuesta vale mucho la pena, además, respeta la privacidad del usuario al no recolectar ningún tipo de información personal, tal y cómo indica la página del desarrollador.

s3nzanom3 ,

To me it works *perfectly*

On my new Mac - that is, all the last software versions (Catalina 10-15-6 and Safari version 13.1.2) - it works perfectly.
For activating it and deactivating it I use the shortcut CMD ALT P (as explained on the help text - a little hidden: click on the "?"). If it's deactivated, it stays deactivated. If I activate it, it stays active. If I want to exlude just one website, it works.
So, it works great. Many thanks to the developer, becasue reading Safari at night it's a pain (I'm reading a lot on Medium: white, white and again white…).
5 stars.

Werner Lorenz ,

No es verdad

Solo invierte los colores. Si abris la pagina de, los colores salen mal. Tampoco guarda la configuracion.
En concreto - dinero tirado

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Dear user,
Thank you for your review, I’m taking notes of all of them. The extension works very well for most of the websites out there in the wild. But if you have some websites that are not perfect, Dark Mode can offer some options: you can either add the site to the ignore list, or you can choose what sites Dark Mode to run on (only the sites that are rendered perfectly).
If you have any questions, please write me to and for sure I can assist you in any matter.

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