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“Divine Messengers” is a software application that synthesizes the spiritual and voluntary work undertaken by the Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception.

For eight years our group has been receiving valuable instructions from the three Sacred Hearts: Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Their Messages are received by means of the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order, an autonomous institution, of a religious, philosophic, and ecumenical character, and of consecrated life.

These instructions that were born as an impulse of elevation for all of humanity were initially organized in our websites and Now, a new way of sharing this instruction is available: the application “Divine Messengers”, that was developed for cellular phones and tablets.

Today our group receives and divulges the Messages of the three Divine Messengers through the “Prayer Meetings” that are transmitted live to the whole world. Such events are free of charge, ecumenical, and accessible to all. All of the material is recorded, published and shared through different means.

With this app you will be able to:
• Access the last requests of the Divine Messengers to humanity;
• Receive notifications in order to always stay up to date;
• Obtain detailed information of each event, add it to your personal calendar, and share this information with all of your contacts;
• Read, add and share the latest messages of the three Sacred Hearts: Christ Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph;
• Attend the Prayer Meetings live via Mercy Mary TV® directly from your cell or tablet. You will be able to select the video quality (according to the available Internet speed) and, if necessary, listen solely to the audio of the transmission. You will receive a notification for each day of transmission and will be able to access directly with a single click;
• Access our official Facebook pages;
• Listen to, share and keep our songs in you cell phone (including the lyrics);
• Read and share the latest prayers and spiritual exercises received from the Divine Messengers;
• Bookmark relevant content as favorite;
• Access the institutional information about our work;
• Submit inquiries and suggestions among other messages.

The development of this proposal is the result of the loving and voluntary work of the collaborators of the Association Mary, as a permanent demonstration of their commitment with the Divine Plan.

The Divine Messengers application is fast, secure and free, and will allow you to keep, in a simple way, your permanent contact with God.


Versió 1.4

Updating content and security certificates.


Associacao Maria, Mae da Divina Concepcao
58.2 MB

Cal que tinguis el sistema operatiu iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible amb els següents dispositius: iPhone, iPad i iPod touch.





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