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DraftPad is a simple notepad which is like a single sheet of paper. You can use it to write a draft for messaging, posting, blogging, or any writing tasks.

For the simplicity, DraftPad doesn't have features for filing multiple notes and decorating text elements. Instead, it is always ready to start jotting.

DraftPad allows you to
- Simply write and read on a plain field without any functional complexity or visual clutter.
- Share or export your text via iOS standard activity sheet.
- Restore previous text from the automatic History list.
- Change font size and line spacing.
- Helped by the counters for characters, words, and lines.

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Versión 2.0

On the last update in 2014, I announced that the development of DraftPad was discontinued, but I changed my mind. This is the new version of DraftPad which is redesigned and optimized for modern iOS 11.

I decided to update DraftPad again because so many people sent me questions and requests after iOS 11 was released. The previous version of DraftPad was a 32-bit app which could not run on iOS 11.

To me, DraftPad had been a past project that I was not to touch again, but I found that it was a present tool to the users. They were very confused about how to get their data back, and actually, the only way for them to restore the data on iOS 11 is to have the updated version of DraftPad which runs on iOS 11.

Now, DraftPad is back. This version was developed from scratch to fit the current framework of iOS. On the other hand, in these four years after the last update, many features have been added to iOS itself, and now apps can be more extended with the standard mechanism. Therefore, I decided to remove some features from DraftPad and pursue its original concept, the extreme simplicity.

New features using iOS standard mechanism
- Activity sheet which provides extended actions and sharing availability
- Text drag and drop
- Quick action from home screen by 3D touch
- Peek and pop from History list by 3D touch

Removed features
- Assists
- iCloud syncing
- Themes
- Receiving data via URL scheme

Please excuse me if you had been enjoying Assist commands. They are no longer available to keep DraftPad simple, up-to-date, and free.

Thank you for using DraftPad for a long time.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.3 de 5
4 valoraciones

4 valoraciones

Maxiruca ,

Muy buena

Tiene el pequeño inconveniente que cuando guardas algún carácter especial como el símbolo del Euro o palabras acentuadas en el dropbox, no los reconoce y aparece un símbolo raro, salvo este pequeño inconveniente muy buena.

Satorre ,

Muy Bueno

Sigue siendo insuperable
Como bloc de notas, inmejorable. Pronto uso de copia y pega. Auto guarda copias de las notas, modo apaisado, diversas opciones de insertado. Y GRATIS.
Otros cobran por hacer la mitad


Manabu Ueno
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Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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