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Fantasian by Mistwalker Corp. — From the creator of Final Fantasy, comes the next breathtaking adventure from industry legend Hironobu Sakaguchi. Fantasian is an exciting, new RPG set against a spectacular backdrop made from nearly 160 handmade dioramas that blends physical environments and 3D characters.

● Dive into the Dioramas
Explore the nearly 160 different hand-crafted dioramas in Fantasian, with particular attention to detail. The adventure lasts between 60~90 hours with the first part more focused on story and the latter half more quest-driven, giving players the freedom to explore the world.

● New Battle Mechanics
Tapping into his experience from the Final Fantasy franchise, Sakaguchi brings to Fantasian several quality of life improvements to the classic JRPG genre, such as the “Dimengeon Battle” mechanic, which allows players to send previously encountered enemies into a separate dimensional dungeon to streamline combat and maximize uninterrupted exploration of the beautiful locations.
“Dimengeon Battles” introduce various “Gimmicks” or power-ups that can turn the tide of battle for a satisfying encounter.
Likewise, the Growth Map gives players various customization options and party members can be swapped in and out for even more diverse strategic options.

● Legendary Soundtrack
Celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu, known for his work on the Final Fantasy series, scored all 60 tracks. The many layers of a full orchestra and diverse synth melodies compliment the memorable and magical world of Fantasian.


Versión 2.5.0

End-game content “Void Realm” and “New Game+” added to the game.

“The Void Realm”
This end-game dungeon is for players who have reached the level with which they could complete the last boss. Upon defeating the Guardian of Shangri-La and obtaining a certain key item, players will be able to warp to the Void Realm. The dungeon features 3 different floors, with recommended levels of 65, 80 and 99, respectively, and accompanies the “New Game+” mode, where players can upgrade their weapons even further and unlock more powerful gems.

“New Game+”
In this mode, players are able to start a new game of Fantasian while keeping their characters’ progress and weapons. The enemies are stronger than the first playthrough, nonetheless, players should have an overall advantage for a fulfilling second round. During the third playthrough, however, the game’s difficulty is increased further.

In order to unlock this mode, players must find all of their party members, and awaken all of the characters' Divine Artifacts. Furthermore, with those conditions met, players must obtain the Tachyon Medal from the Sanctum Laboratory, then present it at the Altar located in Shangri-La.

By completing each characters’ Growth Map during the second playthrough, players will be able to unlock additional layers in the Growth Map. Likewise, the treasure chests contain the same items as the first playthrough, but have a chance to drop “SP Capsules” for even quicker character growth.

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