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Collect your GIFs. Share them. Love them! If you're a GIF connoisseur, then you need an app that's as serious about them as you are. That's where GIFwrapped comes in.

• Use iCloud or Dropbox to add new GIFs and sync your collection. Keep your GIFs on multiple devices and have a backup in the cloud. The digital cloud. No one keeps GIFs in real clouds anymore, everything gets too wet.
• Use the bundled Messages app to share GIFs from your Library with your friends in seconds. No muss, no fuss.
• Drag and drop GIFs en mass to and from GIFwrapped. Drag them all! Drag them good!
• Find new GIFs using Giphy powered search! Just bang in a phrase like "cat" or "lumpy space princess" and be prepared for pure awesome to rain down on you from the heavens.
• Import GIFs, Bursts, and Live Photos from your Photo Library. Save them back to Photos, too, if that's your jam.
• Use an extension to quickly save images to your library! It's not sexy or anything, but it is super easy and probably fun by someone's standards!
• Preview GIFs in standard or retina quality. It all depends on whether you like pixels or not.

Upgrade your GIF game even further by subscribing to GIFwrapped Premium for US$4.99 per year (may vary from country to country), which unlocks awesome features, removes ads, and supports an independent creator.

• Turn off ads. I hate 'em as much as your do, but a guy's gotta eat.
• Bookmark searches for easy access the next time you want them. These things are important for those GIF standoffs your's somehow always getting into.
• Reuse, and recycle, your search history as a list of bookmarks, so revisiting the past doesn't need to involve time travel… or memory.
• Additional information about images within the Into panel, including number of frames, duration, and more. That way you can know your GIFs inside and out.
• Turn off the embedded watermark in Bursts and Live Photos. I mean, liking GIFwrapped is one thing, but to plaster the logo over GIFs of your pets? Probably a bit much.

If you choose to subscribe to GIFwrapped Premium, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and the subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours of the end of the current period. You can manage this in Account Settings. Cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to let it lapse.

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Versión 2022.4

There's no shortage of things to improve within GIFwrapped, and so I've been hard at work improving things (as I'm sure you know). This release in particular has some real doozies.

- A mate of mine has been gently nudging me for months about an issue with downloading and displaying the preview for GIFs stored in iCloud, and because I'm a good friend… the problem has sat in my backlog waiting for me to spend time on it for months. The good news is that I finally did, so downloads from iCloud are now less likely to fail immediately after a cold launch, or when using the Messages app. Aren't I _such_ a good friend? DON'T ANSWER THAT

- iCloud downloads have historically also been a source of UI lockups, particularly when a bunch are happening all at once. With this in mind, since I was in there already, I decided to refactor things to be a little less of that. Feels much better… to me at least.

- Scrolling the main grid was real janky on macOS, and I never really dug into exactly why. At some point I did make some minor improvements, but nothing particularly noticeable… until I recently looked into why the memory usage was so high. Turns out both issues had the same cause: the thumbnails were e-flippin-normous. After a little tweaking of the grid scaling to reduce the overall scale, the memory usage plummeted and the grid now scrolls very nicely. You're welcome.

- I've not exactly been thrilled with the Settings screens that I built out in SwiftUI, in part because of simple stuff, like the fact that the Search History screen in Settings lost its search controller because of the way that SwiftUI embeds UIViewControllers. So when a mate of mine (not the same mate for those keeping score) showed me how to have my cake and eat it too, I was so thrilled that I just had to get it in ASAP.

- I've been noticing a regular issue where results from search engines fail to be decoded for one reason or another, which isn't ideal. I adjusted the parts that were failing to make 'em a little more robust (stupid APIs returning empty strings instead of nil), and they should be OK from here on out.

If you have a particular bug you'd like to see fixed, you'll be super pleased to know that you can tell me all about it. Either send an email to or tweet @gifwrapped… or even jump on r/gifwrapped and let me know what you're thinking. In the meantime, I'll just be over here continuing to make things a little better for y'all.

Until next time!

Valoraciones y reseñas

saraisabel94 ,

The update is awful

Before it worked perfectly fine, but since the last update it won’t let me save gifs from twitter anymore nor view the ones I already saved in the library. Please, fix it.

Bbshdnsnso ,


hay veces que no funciona directamente desde twitter, pero copias el link y lo pegas en la app y si que te deja guardarlo

amusejo ,


No me deja descargar gif de twiter


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