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Wind up your slap-shots and get ready to poke-check your way to glory in this year’s greatest Hockey game on mobile - Hockey All Stars.

Create your very own Hockey franchise, build a team of All Star players and compete with the best teams from around the World to rise through the leagues and claim the silverware.

Download Hockey All Stars for FREE now.

A full on, fast paced, fully featured Hockey sim right on your phone & tablet.

Create your own team, chose your uniform’s design & colors, and start to establish your team on the World stage.

Build your team of star players through training or collecting new player cards.

Build your dream Hockey Arena as your team climbs the conference leagues all the way to the top of the game.

- Fast paced full simulation gameplay
- Create and build your own hockey franchise
- Train your players to create a team of All-Stars
- Dominate the ice across multiple seasons
- Improve your team by collecting player cards

This game is free-to-play but does include optional in-app purchases, which can be purchased with real money.

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Versión 1.2.9

* Major new update!
* Now featuring goal replays.
* More goal and match celebrations.
* Graphical improvements and refresh.
* Minor bug fixes.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5
41 valoraciones

41 valoraciones


Very funny and not too much complicated to start playing

I’ve been Ice Hockey player for many years and when I decided to end up my career before my Star began to stop shining and avoid a very common problem of many of my friends and adversaries players...

I have to say that l’ve starting to love this All Stars and the National one from the very first minute because it improves with the players and if you aren’t good enough it will be quite difficult to play and win games when you are promoted to the next higher category!
If you love Ice Hockey I’d suggest to try and you can always play without paying any improvement if this is your main target!

+ & -:


- I can affirm that you will have fun;
- it’s very self improve and you can trade
players “to buy” training points to improve
the quality of any players;
- you don’t have to sign in and/or give your
personal details! It uses the “Avatar” you
created for the Games of Apple and you can
keep playing at the level and with the team
you previously created with name and the
combination of two colors ;
- you have the possibility to give a player the
name you want;
- you can combine 4 complete lines and it’s not
necessary to locate a LW at that position, you
can use it as Center or LD or RD depending on
what are your needs during a period of time;
- you can choose the Captain (choose the
goalie so you have 2 additional points at all
the lines ...)and the two Assistants that
improve the line boots for 2 points for the
Captain and 1 point each Assistant.


- you don’t see the number of the player when
you are “working with him” so you don’t know
which player did what during an action or the
- you don’t see the number of the line is on the
ice so you don’t always know which
combination is the best one;
- when you start playing a match you can pause
it but you can’t do any change to the attack or
defense lines;
- there’s no possibility to trade players between
the teams;
- when you score you can’t read the names of
the scorer and the assistants because it’s too
short the time it’s shown on the screen;
- during the pauses of the three periods of the
match you don’t see any detailed stat like the
name of the scorer and the assistants of both
- you don’t see absolutely any stats regarding
the time of the scores, the Power or Box Play;
- with the latest update version we can finally
see as many times as we want the action of
the score from different points of view but
there’s no possibility to slow it down to see
the action slower (I AM SURE THAT YOU ARE
- if we wanna improve the “status” of a player
(From bronze to silver then to gold and some
players from gold to Legendary Player) I think
that you are asking too much money!!!
- the same if you wanna “buy” contracts to
renew the existing onces and/or other things
that allow us to improve our team the price we
have to pay for it is TOO EXPENSIVE!

I gently ask the developers to revise the prices of the “Gold Pucks” and the “Virtual Cash Money” or at least give them a higher value inside the App because it’s a pity that many people that might be playing don’t have the possibility to spend such amounts! And for me as well it’s too expensive.

I’d suggest you for the next release to show which line is playing (it’s not always visible) and which Strategy is using (Pressing, Defense, Attack) to have better informations while playing, to show the number of the player on his informacion card, to allow to change the strategy and/or the players’ positions during the match and to show the temporary stats (scorer name, number, role and time of the scores and the players that caused a PP or BP situation) during the three periods and the final stats at the end of the match.

Thanks to allow me writing this “Reseña” and congratulations for the great job you are doing.

Cheers 🥂


Distinctive Developments Ltd
303.5 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Checo, Francés, Inglés, Ruso

Violencia realista poco frecuente/moderada
Simulación de juego poco frecuente/moderado
Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Small Pucks 4,49 €
  2. Medium Pucks 10,99 €
  3. Extra Large Pucks 54,99 €


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