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Fear house is a horror game with quest elements. Those who love really scary games. Challenge your courage, get rid of your fear and defeat horrible monsters!
 Playing Scary games, you have an opportunity to sink into the ambiance of your favorite horror films, feel you a part of the blood-chilling story and get out of it as a winner. If you are a fan of creepy games, you will surely be satisfied!
The nut of the game is horror house survival. The creators of the quest have done everything in their power for you to feel just an overwhelming. fear, dive into the creepy world, where the predator, the monster, zombies and other creatures from your nightmares will be waiting for you at every corner.
This horror games free has excellent three-dimensional graphics, it impresses by the detalization of monsters, ghost sand zombies drawing.
Fear House is a prison for monsters, your survival in this place depends only on you: be smart, solve the mysteries and riddles of this place, fight hard and win!
This is the case when the scary games free allow you to fully enjoy the exciting gameplay and to dive into the inimitable game world.
The Paranormal games, in which you are surrounded by walking dead, incorporeal spirits and other undead, help you to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of horror, to experience the strongest emotions, recharge yourself with adrenaline. The story of the game constantly keeps the player on his toes.
Our horror house is filled up with realistic monsters and your challenge is to save the world from them and become a winner.
If you are looking for free horror games, the Fear house is exactly what you need to try.
All the fans of horror games, haunted games, horror escape games and predator games will be thrilled!
This scary game for adults (scary games for free played in several difficulty levels, there are two free hints that you can use to beat the difficult moments of the quest.
Do your best, meet challenges and kill everyone! This horror game provides a lot of opportunities to prove yourself! Play scary games for free! If you solve all the puzzles quickly and defeat the fear and the walking dead, you will get a fantastic bonus that will make the game even more exciting.
This is one of very few horror games for free, in which the game plot can develop depending on your actions. It makes the game even more interesting and unpredictable.
This survival horror game is easily manageable; so you will not have to be distracted.
Immerse yourself in a fantastic game world, feel an overwhelming feeling of fear, fight with darkness and horror!


Versión 1.2

fixed bugs

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