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This app demonstrates how machine sees you when it looks at your photo.

It's easy to use. Just select your photo and click the button. Let the magic happen..

You may have heard of machine learning. With machine learning and image processing, How Machine Sees You demonstrates what machine sees the images you upload. It is using machine learning and image processing. It is still learning..

Have you ever wondered what machines see when they see your picture? You can try it yourself. For free!

You can use any photo. It could be your own, your pet’s, favorite person’s or favorite place’s. You choose!

After processing your photo, the app will give you the results. In seconds!
Apart from what you see with your very bare eyes, this app allows you to see what a machine processes behind the curtain and shows accuracy confidence by percentage.
If you prefer to, you may use them as instagram hashtags too. The app generates instagram hashtags from image process results.


Versión 1.0.5

New feature: Now you can change the language of the results. Turkish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish available. Results will be translated from English, so it won’t be that good. Don’t expect too much.
Spaces removed from generated multi-word hashtags.
Cancel button added to generate hashtags area.
Word cloud results and detailed results divided into segments.

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