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Ivan Cerra de Castro

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Cursor Keys to Humphrey move.
Space Key to Jump.


Humphrey you take the role of a movie megastar, who, being at the very edge of madness due to his fans mercyless besiege, goes for a quiet retirement on his brand new mansion.

The house's forty rooms are not finished yet, his fans have located and invaded the place, all rooms are no painted. Humphrey wants to stay on the world of sane men, he will have to get his paint bucket and his paintbrush and do the work by himself, avoiding the hordes of mad fans that are hunting him down looking for an autograph...

The fans.
Fortunately enough, most of them are not very intelligent and just wander arround, but other ones actively hunt you down (although they usually can't see you while youare on the air, jumping).

The flies.
Those are not fans, just local fauna. They are not interested at all on you and just fly arround, but they have a lethal poisonous sting, so you'll better don't jump on any of them!

Electrified tile and switch.
Stepping on an electrified floor tile is a bad idea. There are very little ways of loosing a life more stupid than this one. Stepping over the switch will disable them for a short while.

Stepping over this one will set up a bomb that will explode on a few seconds destroying everything arround. That includes you, so be careful!

Using this tile, your fans will be paralyzed for a while. But don't trust them, touching them is still a bad idea!

Don't step on this tile if you don't want to get a bad sourprise. Don't tell I didn't warn you...

Mobile plattform
You can use this to travel trough vast areas of empty space unable to be traveled trough by any other ways. Your fans never go on it, so it's a safe place to be at.

Glass and Burguer
There's nothing like a nice sip to calm your nerves; get those two objects and you will getting a lot of points :)

Extra Life
Stepping over this tile you get an extra life. I bet you already had guessed that before I told you :)

First aid kit.
Contains a powerful tranquilyzer that will let you have contact with your fans for a short while withouth being driven mad.

Tele Trans
This one work in pairs: if you use one, you will be teleported to the other, on other place of the room. Just as the mobile plattform, this is a safe place where your fans can't get you.

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5,0 de 5
2 valoraciones

2 valoraciones

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