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A full range of family healthcare tool to be equipped in families. All family members can do their own health check every day. After getting up, after breakfast, before going out, after dinner, before going to bed… anytime, anywhere for monitoring. Modern people tend to drink and eat too much sweets or high starch/sugar contained foods, especially for school-age children and students of all stages. Hyperglycemia (pre-diabetes) is the former type of type 2 diabetes. If glucose is not controlled well in advance, long-term hyperglycemia (pre-diabetes) will evolve into type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women are prone to gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy period. The GDM occurrence will also have a comprehensive impact on fetus. Not only pregnant women need to be careful and healthy but also we should be more concerned about our own health. Control of starch and sweets intake, with appropriate exercise, well control glucose in the ideal range. i Health Diary helps us to monitor five health values changes easily in daily life, grasp the change trend, timely adjust living habits, and create a healthy and happy life.

In addition to sharing with family and friends, data can be shared to family doctor as preventive medicine application. If family physicians or health care providers develop could platform for data integration, they can use collected data analysis to do big data application and enhance personal in-time care service.
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Versión 1.1

Bug Fixes


ESER Health Care Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
48.7 MB

Requiere iOS 9.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Francés, Inglés, Japonés, Neerlandés



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