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Improve your hand-eye coordination, reactions and reflexes with our fun AR app. Inside you'll find several activities to challenge and improve your skills.

"I didn't think that a good workout was possible using the screen of an iPhone - but this app proved me wrong! I had my heart rate up quickly and it was super fun and easy to play. 5 stars!!"

"It is great for this time because I would otherwise just lie down on sofa. Easy to use and really make me move!"

Ever wondered how quick your reflexes are? Or how fast your reactions are? Whilst also getting a fun workout at home? Now you can measure them with our app.

The Reflexes App is a revolutionary AR app that lets you train like never before.

Using your device’s selfie camera you can test your skills and improve your reaction time in a fun and exciting way without using any equipment.

Simply lean your device against a wall / water bottle and start hitting the targets that appear on your screen as fast as you can. New targets will appear immediately, so make sure to hit as many as you can, as quickly as you can.

We have a number of activities to challenge both body and mind!

Single Target - Hit 1 Target appears on the screen
Two Targets - Hit 2 Targets that appear on the screen at the same time.
Survival Mode - You have 3 lives, miss a target and you lose a life. How many can you hit?
Alphabet Mode - Can you hit the targets in alphabetical order? Test both mind and body in this activity.
Reaction Test - Test your reactions and see how fast you really are.

All activities are made to be short and fun. We have 3 different time lengths
- 30 seconds
- 1 minute
- 2 minutes

We have a number of game speeds that will test you. Choose a speed that works for you:
- Slow
- Medium
- Fast
- Ludicrous

You can train wherever you want: #athome, #inthegarden or #intheoffice.

The Reflexes App is available to play any where.

We have different activity lengths and different speeds to test you:

Setup and restart activities directly from your phone without having to go back to your phone.

Connect The Reflexes App with the Health App on your device. After each activity we will send the following to Health:
- Active Energy
- Each workout

The app also works with Game Centre letting you:

- Challenge your friends
- Rank yourself against others on leaderboards

Start training your Reflexes today. Challenge yourself and your friends and share your achievements.

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Versión 1.2

New in this version:

- Two brand new activities: Alphabet Mode and Reaction Test
- An improved way of sharing your score
- Bug fixes and improvements

Alphabet Mode
With Alphabet Mode you are challenged to hit each letter in sequence. Try it in easy mode with letters ABCD or take it up a notch with hard mode where you’ll
receive random letters that you’ll need to hit in order.

Reaction Test
This activity is all about testing your reaction time. Hit the targets as quickly as you can to gain higher scores.

Improved Sharing
We’ve added an improved way to share your score. Now when tapping to share your score you’ll see an image which you can share with friends.

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