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Ways Hypnosis Can Help While You Sleep

Taking advantage of the power of hypnosis while you sleep can help with all sorts of struggles. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, building confidence, overcoming fears and anxieties, kicking an addiction, or even learning a new language, the efficiency of hypnotherapy—and the science behind it—is irrefutable. Thousands of clients have come to us for help with their conditions and then gone on to enjoy revitalized lives where they no longer feel held back by their challenges.

If you’ve never tapped into your subconscious to set yourself free from a frustrating loop that seems beyond your control, it’s time you try hypnosis. We’ll help you train your brain and put an end to these negative habits with our safe, natural hypnotherapy programs.

Benefits include:
- Deep, restful sleep
- Wake up feeling rejuvenated
- Fall asleep faster
- Sleep through the night
- Deep relaxation for your body and mind
- Stress relief

Do you suffer from insomnia or wake up in the morning still feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep? Sleep through the night with a deep, restful sleep with this program from Rachael Meddows. Sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, motivated, and full of energy with the power of hypnosis and guided meditation.

This app features:

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnotherapy tracks designed by Rachael Meddows
* High quality, state of the art recordings
* Playlist feature you can customize with in-app purchases
* Optional hypnosis instructions
* Choose a short, long, or sleep induction
* Your choice of eight different background sounds


Versión 2.4

We've optimized the app to make it even more user-friendly and intuitive. Enjoy our hybrid meditation and hypnosis programs that are designed specifically for relaxation AND motivation and for creating lasting, positive change. Change your patterns and change your life -- all by using your subconscious.

*Easy to use playlist
*In-app alarm
*New nature sounds
*New programs
*New soothing animations

Is Hypnosis While You Sleep Actually Effective?

Hypnosis works on the subconscious level to help you uncover negative behavior cycles and find new opportunities for growth and development. By listening to hypnosis while you sleep—or rather, as you fall asleep—you spend the majority of the program in those alpha and theta phases, and then you drift off.

Studies have shown that memory processing during sleep is highly beneficial because it helps you hold onto what you learned. It’s the same reason why some musicians listen to a new song as they sleep, or why you may have heard to review your notes for a big test right before bedtime. We know that the brain does not switch off during sleep—it’s busy reviewing and storing memories. That’s why using hypnosis while you sleep is ideal for so many.

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