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Kana Practice is the tool you need to learn Hiragana and Katakana directly on your wrist (Apple Watch required).


Kana Practice has a feature to make learning to read Japanese Kanas a breeze. It smartly choose sets of characters for you to learn and mix them in a way that is easy to learn instead of showing you all the possible characters at once.

Kana Practice allows you to select which sets of characters you want to learn. You can select Hiragana, Katakana or Both, select individual rows, select wheter you want to practice digraphs or diacritics together with monographs or alone.

This tool keeps the progress of your learning character by character and allows you to see the progress and uses that information to know you better and to provide better practice sessions.

Kana Practice has an option to list all the Hiragana and Katakana characters in a list a combined table, or a digraph table directly in the Apple Watch, and allows you to show your progress in the list (white: not practiced, green: learned, red: errors while practicing), showing the romanization of the characters and allow to read each row out loud by the watch.

Your watch can read out loud the symbols after the practice so you can associate the sound with the symbol.

You can also see the Hiragana and Katakana tables on your iPhone and iPad for reference and studying.

Apple Watch required to practice.
You can also check the table reference on the iPhone and the iPad.


Versión 2.1

We have worked hard to bring new features and fixes directly to your wrist.

– Do you have an older iDevice version? As for 2.1 you can use Kana practice on iOS 9 and WatchOS 3.
– Now, when failing a symbol, it informs you about the symbol that you confused. Hopefully it will help you to differentiate between the two symbols to reduce the error rate.
– The smart practice feature is now smarter. But fear not! We will keep it dummy enough so it won't dominate the world (hopefully).
– Did you find the same symbol symbol repeated twice in a row two frequently? Now we try to not show the same symbol twice in a row.
– Now you can see a combined table of hiragana a katakana directly on the Apple Watch for convenience.
– Do you think only a new table is not enough? Why about another one? Like one with the monograms, digraphs and diacritics together? Wish granted.

But wait, there's more...

Did you notice that sometimes, when resuming the application, strange things happened? We too. And now it should be fixed.

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1 valoración

Karlesman ,


Siempre he querido aprender japones y me esta sirviendo de mucha ayuda.

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