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Nowadays some people are under the mistaken idea that if you can't tie a knot you should just tie a lot. As funny and clever as that sounds it's really not the case.

Knot tying has always been one of those key outdoor skills that the inexperienced take for granted. The experienced outdoorsman, however, has had enough success and failure to know that there are right and wrong knots for certain jobs.

A good knot can save lives when you're dealing with a survival situation, performing first aid, and when working over heights or water. But, you have to know how to tie it. So make sure you know what to do with your rope the next time you head into the wild by using this Animated Knots Art - 3D app.

With animation in 3 dimension, our app will help you learn and make a knot more easily. And we have also supported more than 40 knot types in 16 categories

- 2 Round Turns & 2 Half Hitches
- Academic Knot
- Anchor Bend
- Ashley's Bend
- Bachmann Knot
- Backhanded Hitch
- Blimp Knot
- Bowline Knot
- Buntline Hitch
- Canadian Figure-8 Hitch
- Carrick Bend
- Clinch Knot
- Clove Hitch
- Common Whipping
- Constrictor Knot
- Dagger Bend
- Double Fisherman's knot
- Double Overhand
- Duncan Knot
- Enclosed Backhanded Hitch
- Figure-8 Knot
- Fire-esсape Knot
- Fisherman’s Figure-8 Hitch
- Fisherman’s Knot
- Flemish Bend
- Granny Knot
- Grief Knot
- Half Hitch
- Hammock Hitch
- Highwayman’s Hitch
- Hunter’s Bend
- Italian Hitch
- Mast Hitch
- Noose Knot
- Overhand Knot (Thumb Knot)
- Prusik Knot
- Reef Knot
- Round Turn & 2 Half Hitches
- Self-tightening Half Hitch
- Sheet Bend
- Single Carrick Bend
- Surgeon’s Knot
- Swing Hitch
- Thief Knot
- Timber Hitch
- Two Half Hitches

Learn it yourself, then teach your family (especially your child) and maybe your neighbors. I promise it's really helpful and can save your life some days (who know)


Versión 1.4.3

- Improved user experience

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14 valoraciones

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Thien Nguyen
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Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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