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Laddergrams is the classic and beloved word game enjoyed by magazine puzzlers for years—-and now it's on iOS for the first time!

Laddergrams are like crossword puzzles with numbered clues you solve by writing the answer into the proper spot in the puzzle.

Unlike crossword puzzles, though, Laddergrams are arranged into rows of three answers. And there's a twist: answers are formed by dropping a letter from their left neighbors, like TABLE > BEAT > ATE.

Enjoy tons of puzzles beautifully presented in stunning audio and animation, with unlimited hints and help tips.

Kind words:
“Comfort Food for Gray Matter!

These games are a flashback to nearly 60 years ago, sitting at my mother's knee as she helped me figure out the Laddergrams in Dell magazines. These are just as clever - the puns are great and bring a giggle when solved. Have tried to limit myself to one or two games a day so that they'll last longer but they're just too fun. Instead I've gone back and erased the answers so that I can play them again.

Also want to mention the superb customer service provided. I had occasion to email with a concern and received a response almost immediately (from a human being; not a form letter!) And the follow-up emails were timely and appreciated. Thank you, John. This is chicken soup for my aging brain.”

"Perfect! Addictive!—This game is a treat. Get it. You won't be able to put it down. Great way to dig up those old synonyms! For the lovers of words and puzzles!"

"Addictive—I am really enjoying the puzzles. I liked the free puzzles, and purchased books 1,2,3, and 4...This is a very fun puzzle."

"I am new to Laddergrams. If you like a challenge as much as I do, you will love Laddergrams. It is everything a game should be hard, fun, and a puzzle with a twist! Get your friends playing and challenge each other this game is such a blast!"


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