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Play, watch, and chat on the Internet Chess Club as a member or as a guest with no signup. Anyone can 'Connect as Guest' and play unrated. We support Dark Mode and have a black board option in settings and Crafty engine analysis now available when examining or observing. Lantern now has tournament support.

There is computer play option on board against the Pulsar Chess Engine that support chess and chess960 with levels and some other variants. This is available offline as well and with no internet. There is also an opening studies view option on board with an opening book explorer, engine analysis and load PGN. All games played in app are also saved to PGN and can be opened in this view.

For members there is the ability to have multiple games up at once and move between them with next and previous buttons such as multiple observe boards or examining and observing. Engine analysis is available when observing and examining. Guests can examine games too and examine last game is an option on Action menu of board. . Also for members numerous options to choose from on board like videos to watch or top games or broadcast games to observe.

There is settings tab with board and pieces choices and options like premove or moving between touch touch and drag move can be set in settings.

Lantern's board is accessible for the blind and visually impaired using Voice Over. With Voice Over on in device settings users can tap on a square to have it said what's on a square and double tap selects. Moves are announced as well with Voice Over. We are in 5 languages including Spanish and Voice Over will use device language setting.

The console can be used to chat or send commands but no commands are needed to get started playing with our Find a Game option on board menu. For members there's a channels window to quickly join and chat on channels.

We have a play bots option on board for guests and members and tactical and endgame training is available.

The internal chess engine offers chess at multiple levels as well as five chess variants: Crazyhouse, Loser's Chess, Atomic Chess, Three Checks, and Giveaway(also known as Suicide Chess). Change from chess to a variant or modify difficulty in the engine board's "Game" menu - new game.

On the openings study board the user makes moves to see what the openings in the database are or touches moves in table. The database is made from high rated FIDE games(both players rated over 2300). There is also Crafty chess engine analysis. Users can add notes to positions and mark moves with colors(green, yellow, red). The control bar on the Openings Board brings up these options.


Versión 2.70

Challenge Popups with Accept or Decline. This can be turned off on Settings tab
Join Tournaments option on Board tab

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Michael Adams
45.2 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano



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