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* 5-Star review on Pocket Tactics!
"Where Magic meets D&D and everyone wins."

Lost Portal is a collectable card game that involves exploring dungeons and fighting AI enemies and bosses, collecting treasure and leveling up your character to gain new abilities.

- Four character slots allow you to create up to four characters at one time
- Four levels of difficulty for enemies and for duel losses provide increasing challenges and risks.
- Random enemies and card drops means no two games are exactly the same
- 243 cards to discover in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and avatar cards
- Over 80 enemies and bosses to challenge across 5 towns and 15 dungeons in the main campaign, with even more after the campaign ends.
- Aerahym expansion (IAP) adds 33 additional cards, another town, 3 dungeons and more enemies to face. It also adds four additional character slots and the level cap is raised by two.
- Primeval expansion (IAP) adds 40 additional cards, another town and four dungeons filled with enemies. It also adds two additional character slots, the level cap is raised by two and 5 additional card backs are available.

Easily add cards to your deck using the deck editor. Use color, type and rarity filters to find the cards you want. Each character you create can keep up to five decks and can select different card backs for each.

Buy new cards at card shops located in towns and dungeons using gold you've collected. You can also sell unwanted cards for more gold.

Visit the Forge to create new cards by sacrificing cards from your library. Each forge has a random selection of rare cards that can be forged.

Gain experience by defeating enemies. When you level up, you gain ability points that you can spend, along with gold, to increase your abilities. Increase your Health, Agility, Wisdom and Intellect to gain different advantages and unlock additional abilities.


Versión 1.1.19

A few minor changes and bug fixes:
- Added a new icon for creatures in play with any form of immunity
- Slightly increased odds of gaining Avatar cards when defeating bosses
- Modified random dungeons beyond the Ancient Portal to improve the odds of finding needed Avatar cards
- Tyern now has more life

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.8 de 5
5 valoraciones

5 valoraciones

shinto1975 ,

Mejor que otros mas famosos

Años jugándolo y es increíble lo divertido que es

Drazzikk ,

Very nice game but needs some AI and difficult fixes

At high level tier, I only play with gold and avatar cards and I only lose a match when I don't draw any aeon in the first turns.
I wrote the author with some improvements about AI and difficult, and some new card ideas too! And I hope Mike hears us :)

Compras dentro de la app

Primeval Expansion
Adds 40 new cards and 4 new dungeons
3,49 €
Aerahym Expansion
Adds 33 new cards, a new town and dungeons.
2,29 €


Michael Camilli
236.6 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificada 9+ por:
Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada
Temas de horror/miedo poco frecuentes/moderados
© 2016 MIchael Camilli
2,29 €
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Aerahym Expansion 2,29 €
  2. Primeval Expansion 3,49 €


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