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Capture high-quality photos and videos of microscopy procedures, with options like setting focus, white balance, and 90 degrees rotation. Your images are saved in the dedicated in-app gallery, which has an included Media Player.

The MicroREC app is custom built to perfectly complement using the MicroREC ClickNFit optical system for microscopy imaging on smartphones.
The app enables you to capture images and videos in the vertical or horizontal format that you want, no matter the positioning of your system on the microscope equipment.
Even more, it gives you the ability to optimize the camera’s settings for high-quality imaging depending on the lighting conditions you have for each microscopy procedure and your operating environment.

Microscopy imaging captured with the MicroREC app can be directly exported to the camera roll in full quality or easily shared with others through messaging apps or by screen sharing in live webinars or on external monitors.

In order to use the MicroREC app for its intended purposes, you need to have the MicroREC ClickNFit optical system installed on your microscope or slit lamp.
if you do not own a MicroREC yourself but want to make use of the app, please contact us by email at
If you want to purchase the system, you can get it on our website at


>>> It has a clean interface with easy access to the camera’s functions, so you can take full control of the camera’s settings and optimize your imaging to any surgical environment and light conditions
>>> It allows you to compensate for any rotation introduced by your microscopic equipment - the camera capture has a 90 degrees rotation function, so you can capture images in portrait or landscape mode
>>> It saves and streams your microscopy images and videos in high-quality resolution, corresponding to your phone’s camera capabilities
>>> You can keep all your medical images and videos organized on your phone, separate from your personal files
>>> You can share your content instantly on social media or messaging apps from the in-app gallery
>>> You can present from your phone’s screen in live webinars, online streaming platforms, and on external monitors


*** Grow your professional portfolio

Capture high-quality photos and videos of case studies you want to present to peers in publications or online forums.
The MicroREC app’s dedicated gallery makes it easy for you to organize your imaging files so you can upload them to cloud storage and access from another device, share them with others in messaging apps or emails and use them from any location.

*** Record and share tutorials

Use the MicroREC app to record surgery techniques or slit lamp examination procedures as you explain them in real-time.
You can talk during the recording and have your voice in the video to explain at each step the procedure, to offer recommendations on best practices, or add any message related to your activity.

*** Stream LIVE in online webinars

Open the MicroREC app on your phone and make sure you set all your parameters for optimal video visualization (exposure, focus, white balance). Enter the webinar on your phone.
Inside the webinar platform, use the Share Screen option to let others see what the MicroREC app is capturing and explain to other webinar attendees what they are seeing.

Work in full-screen mode when you are sharing your screen in zoom calls, webinars, or online group calls.


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