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Official Kodi Remote is a full-featured remote control for Kodi Media Center.
It features library browsing, now playing informations and a direct remote control.


- Control Kodi's volume
- Manage multiple Kodi instances
- Browse, search and sort your library
- Access your favorites
- Live view of currently playing playlist
- Displays music cover art where available
- Displays movie poster and actor thumbs where available
- Displays details for albums, artists, movies, TV shows and more
- Play and queue albums, songs, movies, genre selections and much more
– Switch to live TV channels and trigger or play recordings on your PVR setup
- Access and change settings of Kodi Media Center
- Browse files directly
- Clean and refresh your library
- Supports iOS Darkmode
... and much more!

Please note
Supported Versions are: Kodi/XBMC version Eden (11) or higher

Additional actions can be accessed by long pressing items and remote control buttons.


Versión 1.9

- New VIDEOS and RADIO main menus
- Easier access to channel lists in RADIO / LIVE TV menus
- 1-click access to Remote and NowPlaying from almost any menu
- Dedicated filters for artists / album artists
- Separate views for timers and timer rules
- Support artist clearlogo for Kodi 18 or higher

- Fix sort for items inside genres and movie sets
- Fix gesture zone in NowPlaying's remote screen
- Fix unreadable slider values in Kodi settings for Kodi 18 or higher
- Many more bugfixes and stability improvements

- Improve performance when "rounded corners" are enabled
- Improve readability of UI (font sizes, icons, DarkMode)
- Improve sliding / pan gesture behaviour for iPhones
- Improve support for music videos and timers
- Update translations for several languages using Weblate
- Follow iOS preferred language setting

To move the remote buttons up or down go to the App settings.
To toggle through the artists / album artists filters press the artist icon in the MUSIC menu multiple times.
When observing "Connection Timeout" after upgrading your iOS to 14 or higher please either once use "Find Kodi" or tap a server to re-connect. You should at least once see the "Local Network Privacy Alert" popup and allow the access. For App versions before 1.9 only "Find Kodi" will trigger this.

Beta-testers are welcome to join TestFlight! Please follow us on

Valoraciones y reseñas

3,9 de 5
27 valoraciones

27 valoraciones

beltzak@ ,

Ugly interface

The user interface layout looks way better but the buttons and color are pretty ugly, some light gradients was way better. The other thing is that now you can put the remote position top or bottom but after several years like 3-5 my brain had memorized the location and did not have to look at night. So I wish I could setup at tje center like it was before. I wish Apple would implement a way to rollback apps to the previous version. This happens too many times.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you for the feedback! Could you provide more details in GitHub issue ?

Andrea BCN ,


Back to be the best kodi remote controller

AnthonyRll3 ,

Una autentica maravilla

Funciona a la perfección y da justo lo que necesitas!

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Kodi Foundation, ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

No se recopilan datos

El desarrollador no recopila ningún dato en esta app.

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, dependiendo de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información


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