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1- Online map:
online map that will show all businesses in the world with New Designe.

2- Outdoor options:
• Order Online and pay on cash
• send messages and rate businesses
• favorite list and following system
• Online Delivery.

3- Indoor options:
• Send location in orders

4- category:
• With new designe

5- search:
• Distance Filter
• Find businesses in the map and send order
• search Products In the world
• search businesses

6- payment methods:
• Online and on cash

7- In app Purchases

Personal control panel
(Ox Panel)

1- web view control panel that help you to sign in every places with all devices.

2- you can check your orders online everywhere in the world.

3-Notification: you can send notifications to your customers automatically with one click. (your order received, ready, sent, delivered)

4-Inventory: you can set your inventory for all of your goods. your customers can follow your goods when unavailable… (oxapp will automatically send a notification to your customers when you charge your inventory)

5- you can add or remove your products unlimited.

6-You can add pictures of your goods.

7- You can add good’s prices (make discount, special offers and…).

8- You can add special filters for your store and people can see your profile easier when they can find your goods separated with filters (for example filter for hotels: {2 beds, free Wi-Fi, breakfast included},for hyper markets {drinks , Vegetables, sound systems} and everything’s that you think about it….

9- You can add discounts for your goods and application will show your goods with discount ….

10- you can print your order directly from control panel.


Morteza Abediniganji
36.1 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Información médica/sobre tratamientos poco frecuente/moderada


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