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Versión 1.2

The major v1.2 update brings lots of useful new regex features, Dark Mode support for Mojave, and much more.
- The new Matches view lets you inspect all matches and captured text produced by your regex, alongside your search text. Clicking on a match or group highlights both the matched search text and the specific portion of your regex that produced the match or capture.
- The new Filter mode lets you filter the search text by lines that either match or don't match your regex.
- The regex engine can now be customised for different regex "flavors". Supported flavors are: Oniguruma, POSIX Basic (BRE), POSIX Extended (ERE), Perl (PCRE), emacs, Java, Ruby, bash, grep, and sed.
- New Copy Code modes: grep, sed, Swift, and Escaped Pattern.
- Ability to navigate through all matches using the new navigation buttons and keyboard shortcuts (Command-G and Command-Shift-G).
- Automatic detection and removal of extra backslash-escapes when pasting a regex from an external source.
- The replacement mode now highlights replaced text in the same style as in the search text.
- User interface improvements, performance enhancements for large files, improved regex syntax highlighting with more colors, bugfixes, and more.

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