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PawPawMail allows you to give the gift of simple communication to an older friend or relative.

The iPad app gives seniors/elderly/older adults the easiest possible way to keep in touch electronically. The PawPawMail service allows them to write and receive e-mail messages from friends and family, but in a far simpler way than by using a regular e-mail account.

PAWPAWMAIL SERVICE ================

PawPawMail (the app) requires an already-existing PawPawMail account.

PawPawMail allows a trusted friend or family member to help out by using an Assistant's interface.

Always feel free to contact us ( support [at sign] pawpawmail [dot] com ) for help with this app, or with the service in general!

FEATURES ==========================

Most importantly, PawPawMail is simple to use in a few different ways:

•  For those with declining or impaired vision:

- - - We use very large type, large buttons, and clear, high-contrast interface elements
- - - in a gentle color scheme that encourages use.

• For those who are new to the digital world:

- - - An intuitive touch interface uses the best elements of the iPad while adapting
- - - to make the basics even simpler.

•  For those with dexterity problems:

- - - Buttons placed so that they work well with the on-screen keyboard and designed
- - - to minimize errors by separating different functions to prevent accidental presses.

• For those with impaired memory:

- - - We've added cues everywhere (including pictures when available) to indicate
- - - the person who has written to the user, or to whom he or she is writing,
- - - along with available notes about contacts.

SUMMARY =========================

Overall, PawPawMail's interface makes everything simpler for users in countless subtle ways. This allows users to get communicating quickly without being overwhelmed by the assistance.



Versión 2.0.292

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, QPQ Analytics, no ha proporcionado a Apple detalles sobre las prácticas de privacidad y la gestión de datos. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

No se han proporcionado detalles

Se requerirá al desarrollador que proporcione detalles de privacidad cuando envíe la próxima actualización de la app.


  • En familia

    Hasta un máximo de seis miembros de tu familia podrán usar esta app si tienes En familia activado.

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