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"Create stylish cards or posters easily; with a huge range of customisable effects." - Duncan Evans


Looking for a way to create the perfect image for anniversaries, mother's day, birthdays, team events, invitations, weddings - or simply to say 'thanks'? You just found it.

Or perhaps you want to mesmerize your friends with a photo mosaic that is slowly assembling itself? Look no further.

photo mosaic is a highly specialized app to create high quality image-from-images type mosaics. It doesn't do anything else, but this one thing it does better than any other application available (and, yes, that even includes our own flagship 'alpha'). In addition to being blindingly fast, photo mosaic comes with special presets that help you create great photo mosaics even out of borderline images.

photo mosaic is incredibly easy to use: drop in a picture, choose a tile source (e.g. an iPhoto event), press 'Go'. A few seconds later you have a beautiful photo mosaic.

photo mosaic is fully customizable - from the way tiles are processed (shape, frame, color, transparency) to the way that colors are matched and processed.

Experienced users will rejoice at the newly integrated, fully visual Image DB manager that now makes pulling together personalized image DBs for a photo mosaic a snap.

As its sister application 'cf/x mosaic', 'cf/x photo mosaic' supports variably-sized tiles, 'messy' assembly, up to 90'000 individual tiles, and high-quality output (up to 100 x 100 inch at 300dpi - yeah. That large).

And if you want to show off how the mosaic is assembled, just tell photo mosaic to create a movie - it does the rest. DV, HD, iPhone, iPad - just one click. Quality? Broadcast. Yeah, that good - if you need it. A built-in compressor can also produce movies at more manageable 'good' or 'nice' qualities, though.

For advanced mosaic creators, photo mosaic provides highly advanced visual image analysis packages that helps you to tweak and perfect your source data base - and can even recommend the preset that will work best.

photo mosaic exports to most common image formats, mail, Apple's Preview App, Aperture, iPhoto, social web sites, and even can directly set your desktop picture to your newest creation.

- Visual data base interface
- Additional fine-tuning options for pre-sets
- Improved speed
- Completely re-designed interface
- Rotate master image by +/-20 degrees for easy aligning
- New stunning presets
- Significantly larger maximum output size (100 x 100 inch at 300 dpi = 2.5 x 2.5 meters at 300 dpi)
- Custom output size
- New tile shapes
- Use transparency for background / tiles
- Greatly improved results view
- Multiple movie output quality settings (broadcast quality still included)
- Fully 64 bit
- Additional color processors


Versión 2.0.9

- fix for Sandbox bug that disallowed saving a movie
- updated interface imagery for 'Go' button

Valoraciones y reseñas

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1 valoración

1 valoración

pacocaetano ,

Se cierra sin previo aviso.

El programa se cierra sin previo aviso cuando está buscando las imagenes o aún peor, cuando ya las tiene e inicia el renderizado.
Algunos de los que he conseguido realizar les deja calvas sin cubrir.
Espero que el desarrolador actualice el programa y arregle los errores, mientras en esta versión no os recomiendo que lo compréis.
Hay versiones gratuitas que bien hacen este trabajo.

ijorge123 ,

No la recomiendo

Se cuelga siempre que intentas empezar a realizar el mosaico, cuando ya tienes todo seleccionado. Sólo he conseguido conseguir hacer uno, después todos los demás me han dado error y el programa sale automaticamente, teniéndolo que reiniciar cada vez, además está todo en inglés.

Sólo espero que apple no tarde en retirarlo de la App Store

Robert Catalinete ,

Peor, lenta e incapaz.

Los resultados son peor que malos.


cf/x AG
26.9 MB

OS X 10.7 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits



32,99 €


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