Pi-hole Remote lets you quickly enable/disable your Pi-hole, as well as add domains to your whitelist/blacklist and view statistics such as top allowed and blocked domains!

*Disable Blocking*
Quickly disable blocking for a few minutes with only a few taps. You can even use Siri Shortcuts to disable blocking with your voice! If you have multiple instances, you can disable blocking for all of them with one tap.

*Statistics & Queries*
Look up what domains are queried most on your network, as well as clients that send out the most requests. See queries sorted by domain, client, or type. You can even view a Live Log that shows requests in real-time!

*White & Blacklist*
Quickly add new entries to your lists, add entries in bulk from your clipboard, or export all your list entries. If you have two Pi-hole instances, you can even automatically sync your lists!

*Homescreen Widgets (macOS 11)*
Choose from a wide range of widgets that show statistics or a query-graph. All are customisable with a wide range of options!


iPhone, iPad, macOS features:
- Disable Pi-hole blocking
- View basic & advanced statistics
- Add domains to your whitelist or blacklist (in bulk)
- Export your list entries
- Sync list entries between two instances
- Full Query Log with search & filters
- Live Log which shows queries in real-time
- Support for up to 4 Pi-hole instances with combined statistics and queries
- Support for scanning Pi-hole token QR code
- Support for SSL, reverse proxies, and alternative Privacy Levels
- Widgets (iOS 14 & macOS 11)
- Siri Shortcuts & Quick Action
- Share Extension for quick white/blacklisting
- VoiceOver support
- Dark Mode, custom color schemes, alternative app icons
- Optimised design for iPadOS & macOS
- Clean and modern 100% SwiftUI design

Apple Watch features:
- View basic statistics
- Disable Pi-hole blocking
- Complications

Apple TV features:
- View basic statistics
- Disable Pi-hole blocking
- Require Passcode on Disable

- Total Queries
- Queries/Percentage Blocked
- Blocklist + Gravity Last Updated
- Temperature & Memory Usage
- Graph Queries Overtime
- Top Allowed Domains
- Top Blocked Domains
- Top Clients
- Unique Domains/Clients
- Clients Ever Seen
- Queries Per Domain/Client
- Query Types
- Pi-hole Version
- API Info
- DNS Cache

* The in-app-purchases are only there for the Tip Jar, to support future development of the app. This is completely optional.


You need at least one working Pi-hole instance for this app to function, and you must use Pi-hole Version 5.1 or up. Find out more about Pi-hole at


Versión 2.9.1

Version 2.9 of Pi-hole Remote gives the Lists-tab a major feature boost!

*Sync List Entries Across Instances*
This is really cool if you have two Pi-hole instances: you can automatically sync list entries between them! 'Sync Instances' will look up what entries are different and give the option to add list entries from instance 1 to instance 2 and vice versa.

*Add List Entries in Bulk*
You can now add entries in bulk by pasting a comma/space/newline separated list of entries you want to add.

*Export List Entries*
Want to share your List entries with someone else, now you can! You can also choose what kind of separator you want.

*Apple TV: 'Require Passcode on Disable' feature*
On tvOS you can now set a passcode that's required when you want to disable blocking. Handy if you're sharing your Apple TV with others. Kids are smart these days!

*Many UI improvements and fixes*
I've added many UI improvements. To name a few: you can now sort the Lists-tab by date (finally), filtering some query log pages is now easier than ever, and there is a wider usage of the new SwiftUI 'Menu' here and there. There are also some UI/bug-fixes in this update, thanks to everyone who submitted feedback!

*Why no enable/disable of entries or management of groups?*
Sadly the Pi-hole API does not support these things (yet). When they get supported, I'll support it :-)

Lastly, I've decided to make the app paid upfront. Nothing will change for people who already own the app. No IAPs, no subscriptions (nobody likes those), and no ads (obviously). I think the app is at a point where the features and continuous updates justify this change.

Thanks again for your support & kind reviews! Read the full changelog below.
- Joost

*Full Changelog v2.9*
- You can now add list entries in bulk!
- 'Sync Lists' feature to sync list entries between your instances
- Option to export list entries
- Apple TV: 'Require Passcode on Disable' feature
- Option to sort the Lists-tab on Date Added
- Major UI improvements in the Lists-tab and Query Log
- Removing list entries will no longer unnecessarily refresh data
- Better error handling when adding or removing list entries
- Removing list entries of instances other than your primary instance no longer fails
- Disable auto-capitalization and autocorrect of the domain-field when adding list entries
- Queries with status 'Already Forwarded' will no longer show up while filtering on Blocked queries
- Minor UI fixes

*Full Changelog v2.9.1*
- Lists Sync feature is now available on macOS 10.15 as well
- Fixed bug where certain lists would unexpectedly jump to the top
- More minor UI fixes

Read everything? Damn, praise your commitment ;-)

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5.0 de 5
2 valoraciones

2 valoraciones

Jose Antonio TL ,


Lo mejor de lo mejor, tanto en iOS como en MacOS. Enhorabuena al desarrollador por un trabajo tan fantástico y por mantener la aplicación continuamente mejorando. No me cansaré de recomendarla. Y la segunda vez que dono para apoyar el desarrollo, porque es increíble que siga siendo gratuita.

sannislav mihajlovic ,

Muy top

Como sugerencia molaría autentificar con dos factores o poder escanear el token QR

Raulfg ,

Pí hole remote , espectacular

La mejor App para controlar remotamente tu pi hole, gratis y totalmente recomendable.

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