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Chords and Scales lets you explore chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in intuitive and interactive way. It helpful for musicians from beginners to experts and allows you to understand musical structures and find inspiration.

All chords and scales can be played ascending, descending and harmonically and are shown on virtual piano and staff. The root note and inversion of the chords can easily be changed. App also includes song composer that allows you to easily layout chords progressions and recommend chords based on selected scale.



* Large Chord collection
* Scale collection
* Chord progression collection
* Song composer with chord recommendations
* Audio playback support
* Piano view for chords and scales
* Staff view for chords and scales
* Find chords and scales by the notes they contain
* Interactive circle of fifths
* Simple and intuitive


User Reviews

I'm a piano teacher of 15 years and have more and more students who want to play chords and improvise. This app is a perfect resource for them. I like it because it's thorough but at the same time very simple.

I am new to piano, familiar with some scales, and chord progressions but this app will really help me to understand and explore various combinations. I pair this app with additional learning material online to help me fully understand the math / science behind the music.

This app is great for understanding scales, chords, chord progressions, and the circle if fifths. I like the easy to use interface. It only includes common scales and chords. I have another app that has tons of complicated and confusing scales that I've never heard of much less can pronounce. I just wanted something to show me the common scales and chords, and this app does it. It also sounds the chord or scale.


Versión 3.8

- App launches much faster now;
- New audio engine;
- System dark mode support;
- Chord view now support octave/loop/bass selection;
- Scale view now support loop selection;
- Playback speed multiplier is correctly applied now.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.6 de 5
91 valoraciones

91 valoraciones

jdawaherb ,


For some reason, it surprised me! I was expecting yet another music app, but this thing is really fun and has lots of knowledge inside. You can even write your own songs!

Paquillo99 ,

Muy practica

Buenos días, vuestra aplicación es muy buena pero no está traducida al Español. Por favor, para mí es muy importante que esté traducida al español. Os daré 5 estrellas por supuesto. Gracias.

Tanitodelorto ,

Muy bueno!

estoy aprendiendo un instrumento muy complicado como retorcido, esta herramienta me ayuda a ordenar en la cabeza los conceptos teóricos que no tengo, pero esto me ayuda!


Sincere Apps SIA
38 MB

Requiere iOS 12.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Alemán, Inglés

Clasificada 4+
© Janis Kirsteins
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